How I’m leaving a smaller footprint on the planet with Huggies

[AD] How I’m leaving a smaller footprint on the planet with Huggies®

Ever since my daughter was born over four years ago, we’ve been using Huggies® Wipes, and I still continue to use them today whenever I change my son’s nappy. What I love about them is that they are soft, gentle and caring on his skin. 

Something you probably didn’t know, though, is that each wipe contains up to 50% less plastic than other leading baby wipe brands, meaning that by using Huggies® Wipes you’re using the least amount of plastic possible. Huggies® knows that this is so important, which is why they are going one step further by developing a totally plastic-free wipe over the next five years, or sooner. This is really important to us because as a household we are really trying to reduce our plastic consumption, and I really welcome this news from Huggies® and hugely support their Tiniest Footprint mission.

Whilst Huggies®’ plastic-free wipes are in development, we’re trying to do our little bit to support the environment. We have rules in our house to help make a difference, and they’re so easy for you to do to! This includes never flushing baby wipes, recycling packaging as much as you can, and opting for Huggies® Wipes over other leading brands every time.

These simple changes will help make a real difference – just by switching to Huggies® Wipes, you can reduce your plastic consumption by the equivalent of 63 plastic bottles a year! Imagine those piled up in your kitchen – it’s a lot.

You can also join me in the Huggies® Tiniest Footprint pledge that aims to provide the gentlest skincare for babies whilst leaving the smallest environmental impact. The Huggies® website is packed full of more information about this.

One of the ways to pledge your support and be in with a chance of winning one month’s worth of Huggies® Extra Care Wipes is by heading over to my post on Instagram, sharing a picture of your baby’s feet and tagging me in the caption along with #HuggiesTiniestFootprint.

I do hope that you support this pledge to leave the Huggies® Tiniest Footprint and I look forward to seeing those gorgeous baby feet.

Claire x






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