Me and my son brushing his teeth

Making teeth brushing fun with Aquafresh (AD)

I love brushing my teeth as an adult. I love that clean and fresh feeling you have after brushing. However as a child I remember not wanting to brush my teeth, or doing it in a pretty haphazard way. Luckily I’ve not needed any major dental treatment so I must have been doing something right. I’m determined to make teeth brushing an enjoyable experience for my children rather than a chore or something that they find boring.

You might be wondering how we are doing that? It’s easy, we make it part of our routine every single night, and it goes a bit like this. Either myself or my husband pretend that we are the dentist. This makes her pick up her toothbrush and start brushing, avoiding getting into trouble with the dentist. She finds it funny and it makes her brush her teeth at the same time.

One of the things that she needs to improve is the length of time that she brushes her teeth. Previously she was only putting the tooth brush into her mouth, eating the toothpaste and claiming she had finished. No, no, no. By pretending that we are the dentist has helped with the duration of her toothbrushing. Alonging singing an adaptation of the Baby Shark song with a countdown timer on our phone. It goes a bit like this…..

Brush your teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth

Brush your teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth,

Brush your teeth

Brush the back, back, back, back, back ones

Brush the back, back, back, back, back ones

Brush your teeth

Brush the bottom ones, bottom ones, bottom ones

Brush the bottom ones, bottom ones, bottom ones

Brush your teeth

Brush the top, top, top, top, top ones

Brush the top, top, top, top, top ones

Brush your teeth

This lasts approximately 30 seconds, followed by a high five, and we repeat four times to get to that golden two minutes of brushing.

We love it, she loves it, and my husband gets told off if he dares sing the wrong words.

As a family to help with our teeth brushing we’ve been using Aquafresh toothbrushes and toothpaste to do just that. Now that my six month old has his two bottom teeth getting him into a tooth brushing routine is so important and he partakes in the Brush Your Teeth song too!

We are using the Aquafresh Milk Teeth toothbrush and toothpaste designed for children aged 0 to 2 years old for my baby which is perfect to protect his baby milk teeth. Did you know that the enamel on milk teeth is 50% thinner than adult teeth enamel. I didn’t know this, and goes to show how vital it is to look after our baby’s teeth. This toothpaste should be used as soon as their first teeth appear, and we have been brushing his teeth ever since they popped up through his gums a few weeks ago. I am reassured that this toothpaste is child friendly with a gentle mint flavour, with low abrasity and cavity protection.

Me and my son brushing his teeth with Aquafresh toothbrush

For my daughter who is now three we are using Aquafresh Little Teeth toothbrush and toothpaste, and she loves it. She is now at a stage where she can apply the toothpaste herself, and remove the toothbrush from its shark head protector. My toddler has all of her milk teeth, and because she is a lover of all things sweet (who isn’t?) I know just how important it is for her to brush her teeth well. The dentist trick and the Brush Your Teeth song help, but so does the toothpaste that has a low abrasion and also has the benefit of added Sugar Acid Protection which strengthen her teeth against those every day sugars.

My daughter brushing her teeth with Aquafresh toothbrush and toothpaste

Lastly for me, I love brushing my teeth. That may sound odd, but I actually do. There really is nothing better than that clean and fresh feeling first thing in the morning, or before going to bed at night. I am using the Aquafresh Triple Protection Fresh & Minty Toothpaste, and this triple protection provides me with strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath – perfect! Alongside this it also has 24hr Sugar Acid Protection, so I can enjoy that sweet treat, just as long as I brush my teeth for two minutes twice a day.

Brushing my teeth with Aquafresh

Aquafresh have helped everyone in my family including myself do this by developing a nice little funky app. Each family member is assigned their own cool character. Obviously I’m Captain Aquafresh, my daughter is Lilly Nurdle and my baby is Milky Nurdle. When we’re using the app we select our own toothbrushing song, and brush our teeth along to it and have a little dance at the same time. Each song is two minutes long and makes sure that we brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day.

The Aquafresh Brush Time app

Everyone can download the app. It’s fun to use and lovely for children to watch.

I would love to hear your tactics for getting your children to brush their teeth?

Claire x








  • Tom Briggs

    I have to admit that we struggle with our youngest – she hasn’t quite got the idea that the brush needs to make contact with her teeth but is fiercely independent with it! We’re getting there though and, as it happens, use Aquafresh toothpaste and brushes. 🙂

  • Talya

    Love the sound of this app – I find tooth brushing such a struggle and now my daughter has got her first big tooth I’m keen to make sure it’s happening properly will have to check this app out!

  • Emma

    Oh I think that I need this app in my life. My oldest is brilliant at brushing her teeth, but my youngest is like pulling teeth (literally) to get her to pick up her tooth brush. I do with her but that’s still a struggle and we are getting to the age where she really needs to start doing more of it on her own. I think this app would really help with that.

  • Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Toothbrushing has been a huge battleground for my 4 year old over the years – he’s never been a fan! He’s come around to it over the years, but I still wouldn’t say it’s easy. The app sounds like a great way of winning around reluctant brushers – anything to make it more fun! Thankfully my youngest is a big fan of brushing – he beams the whole time and thinks it’s hilarious! It’s funny how different siblings can be.

  • Laticia Gibson

    It is a pretty hard task to make your kids to brush your teeth, The way you are handling the situation is just great, definitely going to use these tricks. Keep posting such amazing informative articles.

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