Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Your fail-safe Father’s Day Gift Guide and Giveaway with Boots [AD]

This post is an advertised collaboration with Boots but all thoughts are my own. 

Father’s Day is literally just around the corner. It’s this Sunday and every single year the date creeps up on me and I end up getting a gift on behalf of my children that my husband doesn’t really want. I always think that the traditional aftershave and chocolates are a great gift but something that he has already has a lot of, and that taking Dad out for a spot of lunch is a good idea but everyone else is doing it and I’m conscious he may not always fully appreciate it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the Dad in your life. These gifts are a great way to say thank you to Dad, they’re fail-safe, trusted and something that he always needs.

So if you’re stuck for inspiration here are some ideas Father’s Day Gifts to help you find a trusted “Fail-Safe” gift, plus I also have some ideas for how you can spend the day together too!

Give him a trusted “Fail-Safe” Father’s Day Gift

There are literally hundreds of “Fail-Safe” gifts that your children can buy for their Dad on Father’s Day, all are simple and offer peace of mind that he is going to get something special, and this is where Boots can help. Think posh aftershave, to name a few you have Jean Paul Gaultier, which is my husbands favourite. Then you have a range of aftershaves from Hugo Boss including The Scent and Infinite, there’s Gucci Guilty or 1 Million from Paco Rabanne.

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

If aftershave isn’t his thing, and he loves a pamper session you could treat him to something from the L’Oreal Men Expert range. All the items here are excellent, my husband swears by them. The list of items goes on and on. You could opt for the Hydra Energetic Deep Exfoliating Face Scrub, or the Anti-Fatigue Daily Moisturiser, or the Wake-Up Effect Face Wash, or the Recharging Tissue Mask. All of these gifts are a “fail-safe” gift but it will be something that is used again and again. Plus it will make him look good and smell nice too!

Or if beards are his thing there’s the L’Oreal Short Beard Grooming Kit, and the The Daily Expert Gift Set for keeping his face as fresh as a daisy every day.

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts


More importantly you could be in with a chance of winning one of the best sellers from the Boots Father’s Day Gifting Page. All you need to do is simply comment on this blog post with your thoughts on whether you find it hard to buy for Dad on Father’s Day and what gifts he would really want. Simply complete the Rafflecopter competition entry form below. (The competition is open from Tuesday 11th June 2019 until Tuesday 25th June 2019 at 11.59 pm).

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Treat your Dad to lunch

This may sound simple and possibly something you do too often, but it is such a nice gesture. You could book Dad their favourite restaurant, or one that you haven’t tried before. He’ll enjoy it, plus you’ll enjoy it at the same time. It’s also a good excuse for delicious food and fine wine. I’m pretty sure that on Father’s Day this year I’ll be treating my husband to lunch with our children.

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Take him out for a long country walk

This is something that doesn’t cost the earth, and it’s also a great idea if you’re looking for that one-to-one time with Dad. There are literally hundreds of places in the UK to get out and about for a walk, and you could also combine it with a pub lunch too! If Dad enjoys a day out at a National Trust property, you could spend the day there, walking the country trails and having a slice of Victoria Sponge and cup of tea when you’ve finished. That sounds like the perfect day to me.

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Enjoy time together

One of the things about Father’s Day is that it may feel like a bit of a forced day – everyone else is celebrating it so why should we? If you’re feeling all the pressure of Father’s Day, then I would stop, and think about how you can make the day easier. It isn’t just about the present or the pub lunch, it’s about being there for Dad and having fun. I think that makes the day far more memorable than posh fish and chips.

Fail Safe Father's Day Gifts

Have fun

Lastly have fun. Father’s Day doesn’t always need to be getting out and about, or buying a glamorous gift. It could be as simple spending the day together. You could enjoy time at home, playing in the garden, or even helping out with a spot of DIY. The day isn’t always about the gifts, it’s about sharing a bond with Dad and making time for him. After all I do think that Dad’s are slightly overlooked.

I hope that this list makes it a little easier to decide on what to do for Dad this Father’s Day and that it has given you some gift inspiration from Boots too!

Claire x

A Fail Safe Father's Day Gift Guide


  • Solange

    I do as he seems to have everything. I think he would like experience days like a golf day or a super car driving day.

  • Katie Skeoch

    I always struggle, I’ve tried imaginative gifts but they dont get used. I generally stick to toiletries & a bottle of whisky these days

  • Michelle

    Love the guide. My Dad is always hard to buy for. Don’t like getting him the same thing year after year but he’s always disappointed if he doesn’t get his twice yearly tobelerone

  • Ellie S

    I don’t find it too difficult to buy for my dad. He always appreciates books or some craft beer but I still like to try to buy him something different sometimes. I think he’d like an experience day, like a trip on a steam train or a day at the races or maybe a compact camera.

  • Tracy Nixon

    My dad says he wants nothing other than his favourite treat – a bar of Cadburys Fruit and Nut – so I give him a big bar every fathers Day and he is very happy! So, no, I find it easy to buy for my dad on father’s day!

  • Jade Hewlett

    I find it easy as he’s happy with chocolate, harder the rest of the year though when I want to get a nicer present and he doesn’t know what he wants or needs!

  • Claire woods

    Very hard, as he doesn’t have any real hobbies and if he wants something he buys it. I usually buy chocolates.

  • fiona waterworth

    Hes murder to buy for as he says dont waste money, so we get his grandchildren to give him presents, we just buy him books

  • Tracy Hanley

    I find all men hard to buy for , dad being the worst , he never give clues to what he would like , so i play it safe with smellies and sock

  • Lucy

    I always find it hard to get something as he has everything already! Usually I just get something like socks and chocolate or aftershave but this year I just took him out for lunch

  • Carolyn E

    Love these ideas. This year my sister and I clubbed together and bought him a ticket to a show. Harry Redknapp ! He was thrilled not to get socks/polo shirt

  • kimberley ryan

    i don’t really struggle to buy for my dad, he loves DIY so anything DIY related is a winner. My husband is really difficult to buy for though

  • Susan B

    In a word, yes. I was sad for dad when he showed me his bathroom cabinet and it was literally full of aftershave that he had been gifted but which he could never use. We all should have been more thoughtful when choosing gifts for him.

  • hannah ingham

    No I don’t find it hard, we both like similar things and sports so there’s always plenty of books to buy related to them!

  • Hazel Rea

    My husband likes books, DVDs. t-shirts, wine, and chocolate as gifts so we have quite a bit of choice for Father’s Day gifts. However, we always also have a special family meal (cooked at home due to family allergies).

  • Annie Ley

    my dad is quite easy to buy for, any chocolates and beer and he is happy. Unless he starts hinting a few weeks before for something in particular.

  • Megan Williams

    My dad is hard to buy for! He’s the least materialistic person I know so I always end up buying him practical things….and always chocolate too of course!

  • joanne casey

    Quite easy! He loves to look after himself and also loves the odd whisky so there’s quite a few options to choose from

  • Suzanne Ashley

    I don’t find it hard at all! He’s pretty easy to please. He never treats himself, so any gift is appreciated.

  • Jan H

    My hubby is happy with a bar of chocolate to be honest. Its me who ends up feeling guilty that I can’t think of anything clever to buy. Still. It’s the thought that counts.

  • Victoria Prince

    I find my dad both hard and easy – he is very hard to be inventive for and get something different, but dead easy in so much as he LOVES crystallised ginger so will always be happy with a few bags of that!

  • Anige McDonald

    I found it more difficult when I was younger but now I tend to buy something I know he loves from nostalgia or take him out somewhere or for a new experience instead so it create memories

  • Anthea Holloway

    I find it really hard but usually find something – often a good book or some beer! These Boots gifts look really good.

  • Sarah Hanson

    My husband suggested the kids could get him a tomahawk steak but they were sold out everywhere. He got BBQ tools instead

  • Francesca Harrod

    My dad ALWAYS loves being unleashed in his local garden centre with a budget to blow on plants for his garden – makes him happy and us too, as when we get back its usually BBQ time!!

  • Laura Wright

    I find it really hard to buy for my dad (& husband from children) its tougher for men! Usually end up getting the usual generic stuff so they know i at least tried!

  • Katie Kingsbury

    I don’t find it hard to buy for my Dad because I don’t bother. When I was about 8 years old he told me off for wasting my money on a present and card so I never bothered again. I do buy for my husband though, because he’s always grateful.

  • Debby Windley

    I find men in general difficult to buy for. It’s the same old boring bits, my hubby doesn’t appreciate clothing, hates socks,has no need for ties….so, I’ve stopped wasting cash on ‘things’ and now buy vouchers for things to do. Lately, kids bought a Halfords voucher for a bike service…a spa break and a men’s car experience. Seems to be going well so far !

  • Meryl Thomas

    I always find it difficult. I tend to take him out for a meal or end up giving gift vouchers, which is so unimaginative

  • Jayne Kelsall

    I always find it hard to buy for my dad and feel like I get him the same things year after year, but he does like his aftershaves ! Ideally he would probably like a new camera but he will have to wait til I win the lottery 🙂

  • Alison Macdonald

    Definitely find it hard to buy for men! Gets harder every year to think of new ideas. As my OH self employed and quite stressful job the kids and I plumped for a voucher to treat himself to a relaxing well deserved massage

  • Debbie Jayne Davies

    Unfortunately my dad has alzheimers so i do find it very difficult to buy for him however he does love chocolates so thats usually what i get.

  • Heli L

    I find it fairly easy as my other half and dad aren’t fussy peple. A card from the kids is all they expect. Maybe a bottle of whisky or perfume or taking them our for lunch if I wanted to treat them to something fancy.

  • sarah morris

    For my husband off the kids I tend to get what he says he would like but wouldn’t buy himself, for my father in law a bottle of red and a book

  • Sheila Reeves

    I do find it hard, as he’s got most things he wants already! Going out for a meal together is always welcome though.

  • Alan Youngman

    My Father has always been difficult to buy for. He is nearly 89 and rarely goes out. He loves his sport and we used to go to sporting events together, we went to the Olympics in 1996, but he is not so mobile these days but if there is sport on the television he will watch it. I usually buy him a nice bottle of wine or a case of beer. That makes it sound as if he has an issue with drink, that’s certainly not the case. He has a beer or cider with his lunch every day and occasionally we have a glass of wine with a meal.

  • Fiona jk42

    My husband is quite hard to buy for so I usually just get him a food gift or a kitchen gadget as he is a keen cook. Our kids often used to make up little books of “vouchers” as gifts, where they would offer to do chores such as mow the lawn. One voucher that my husband always appreciated was the gift of a barbecue clean-up, as this is a chore he hates (and which I refuse to do as he is the person who uses the barbecue). The barbecue always needs cleaning before using it for the first time each year, so father’s day is a good day to offer to do this. Even though the barbecue has been cleaned after the last use the previous year, it’s more hygienic cleaning it before use, and it’s also nice to know that there are no spiders or other things lurking in it waiting to be burned.

  • Claire Nelson

    My husband is difficult to buy for because he gets things he wants himself so it is hard to buy him something he needs. My dad doesn’t get things for himself but says he does not want anything so I get him an experience.

  • Katie Ann James

    My husband ordered his own gifts and I paid for them as he just so hard to buy for! No surprises so for him in this house so to win would be a nice little surprise for him.

  • Teresa sheldon

    So hard buying for my Dad, I’m sure he would be happy with anything he is so easy to please, usually anything with the granchildren on a mug or coaster is always really appreciated by him

  • Kelly Hirst

    I always struggle to find gifts for my dad so I tend to take him on days out as a gift alongside the usual socks n chocs!

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