How to take the stress out of Christmas shopping

How to take the stress out of Christmas shopping

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Wow there are less than two weeks to go until Christmas Day! How did that happen? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Do you have everything wrapped? Cards are written and posted? Food shop is ordered? Nope! Do not worry there is still plenty of time to get everything sorted for the big day. But even if something isn’t purchased or someone doesn’t get a Christmas card, do not worry, in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.

Christmas can be such a stressful time for everybody and I’m sure that many of us are feeling the pressure, especially if you’re a parent and feel like you have a million things to do, among all the to-do lists, the family Christmas lists, and the school What’s App group. All of this adds to the Christmas juggle, and doing your Christmas shopping can be completely stress-free. Here’s how you can do it…

Plan your Christmas cards

Writing Christmas cards is a huge task when it comes to Christmas, so think about who you really want to send a card to. I guarantee that people will not be offended if they do not receive a Christmas card one year. I know that it’s a lovely gesture, but with the pressure on the environment and our time, you really do not need a send Christmas card to everyone in your address book. However for the people you are sending a card to, you could make it that extra bit special by sending a Moonpig personalised Christmas card. In the event of receiving a card from someone you haven’t sent a card to, you can send them a text message thanking them for their Christmas card, so you don’t feel so bad for not sending one back. It’s simple!

Write a list

I am a huge fan of a list, you’ll find me with about 20 on-the-go at any one time, usually scattered between various notebooks and the notes section of my phone. But honestly keeping a list will keep you on track. Use this list to plan what to buy people for Christmas and stick to it. You can also use this list to tick achieve what you want or need to do that each day. I find lists invaluable for letting family know what I would like for Christmas which is then sent via What’s App or email. But do not double up and send the same list to different people, this may get rather complicated and you may end up with the same present twice.

Shop online

The bulk of my Christmas shopping has been done online with the exception of a few toys I purchased in one of the supermarkets a while ago. If you have children shopping online is a game changer (you probably already know this). I actually can’t bear the thought of taking my daugther shopping as she will most likely want everything in the shop or be demanding babyccinos from a nearby cafe. My one tip about buying online is to remember what you have bought and for who. I’ve had a few instances where something has arrived and I have no idea who I have purchased this for. There goes the mum brain and overwhelmed brain kicking in.

How to take the stress out of Christmas shopping

Stick to your budget per person

Before you do any shopping set a budget that you are going to spend per person. You may spend more on different people, but make sure that you stick to that budget as it is so easy to get carried away at this tine of year. Once that budget is reached that’s it, don’t be tempted to buy more, as you’ll then feel that you have to buy more for everyone else. It’s easy to spend at Christmas, but remember that this time of year isn’t just about the presents.

Lastly think about doing a Secret Santa

We do this every year with my husband’s side of the family and it is brilliant. It means that we are only buying for one adult and then the focus is on gifts for the children – the important people. It’s totally takes the stress out of Christmas shopping and buying gifts for the sake of it, plus it means that costs are reduced and it makes the shopping so much easier.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, just don’t leave it until the last minute. I hope that you have found my tips useful. What do you do to make your Christmas shopping stress free?

Claire x

How to take the stress out of Christmas shopping


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