How Huggies® Pull-Ups became our secret to successful potty training

[AD] How Huggies® Pull-Ups became our secret to successful potty training

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Dare I mention potty training? We’ve been there and done it; my daughter who is now four years old has been potty trained for over a year now. The thought of potty training was a scary subject and I’m sure that many other parents will agree with me. We asked ourselves so many questions about the subject; How to do it? Will it be successful? Will it be a mess? What about my house and how will we go out during potty training?

It is a huge milestone for any child, and when you succeed, it is also a huge achievement. Yet it is also compounded with a lot of uncertainties. One of the ways that we tried to alleviate our worries was by using Huggies® Pull-Ups!

To start our potty training journey, I initially had my daughter going without her nappy at home for two days. I did this to try to make her aware that she was doing a wee or needed a poo, plus it made it easier to encourage her to use the potty at regular intervals throughout the day. It did also mean a little bit of mess, but a couple of towels placed onto the carpet really did help.

After this, she wore the Huggies® Pull-Ups. Why? The learning layer helped her recognise the difference between wet and dry, as the training pants left her feeling briefly wet after an accident. This felt like real pants to her and allowed us to talk about going to the toilet next time. Plus, it also offered me the comfort that there would be no dreaded accidents when we were out and about.

Secondly, the new super stretchy sides meant that it was easier for Freya to start to learn how to pull up and down her pants when using the potty. This was really important for us and helped her take that extra step towards becoming a big kid!

The other added bonus of the pants that I love as a parent (and Freya’s favourite part) is the Disney graphic, which doubles up as a wetness indicator. Should Freya have an accident, the picture on the front fades, and we often encourage her to make sure that the princess or Minnie Mouse stays on the Pull-Ups, reinforcing the message that she should use the potty if she needs the toilet.

Freya with her Big Kid Now Certificate

A top tip from our potty-training journey was bringing in reward charts and stickers that are all readily available as part of the Big Kid Now toolkit on Huggies’® website. When Freya used the potty successfully she would place a sticker on the chart which she loved doing (almost as much as the Minnie Mouse motif). Plus, it was really useful for me to see the progress she was making. Once she was fully potty trained we celebrated with a little dance around the bathroom, holding up her certificate!

Potty training for us was a journey that we embraced. It’s a rite of passage but should be done only when your child is ready. You may find that your child starts to tell you when they need the toilet or express an interest in using the toilet. One of my top tips is to be patient, have confidence in yourself about potty training, and to instil that confidence into your child.

If you have a son or daughter about to start nursery and are worried about potty training, do consider Huggies® Pull-Ups, they gave us a lot of reassurance and fun along the way!

Check out the Huggies ‘Big Kid Now’ Online Toolkit with tools, reward charts, activities and advice if you are kickstarting your journey. 

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