The Best Type Of Car For A School Run

The Best Type Of Car For A School Run

You’ve heard of the stereotype by now, what ‘soccer mom’ car is always some kind of ‘station wagon’. This just means a parent’s car is usually an estate and very often a model of a Volvo. Well, there’s some truth to that because estate cars give you the best of both worlds. You have similar handling characteristics of a saloon or sedan but the larger space of a true 4×4 off-roader. But in this day and age does the stereotype really have its place anymore or are these types of cars just hindrances these days? Well they can be seen as a hindrance because they are heavy and thus the fuel economy might not be as good as a sedan or saloon. They don’t go off-road like a true off-roader, so they should be kept on the tarmac at all times. Okay so if not the estate, what type of car would be suitable for a parent that is doing the school run. You need agility, fuel economy, space, handling and creature comforts.

Keep it midsize

If you can’t handle a saloon, you might need to scale down to a midsize sedan. Saloons are wide and long cars, usually for executive purposes. Sedans on the other hand are simply smaller versions of saloons but because the wheelbase is shorter, they handle a lot better. The Subaru Legacy has been highly recommended by many drivers and families. It’s your typical Japanese midsize sedan because it ticks all the boxes. The style has been greatly improved over the years and now it looks more aggressive. The model offers a range of power options which are mostly all turbocharged. You get torque at low rpms, you get fuel economy on the highway but it also has new technology auto stop/start so you don’t burn fuel at red lights or crowded spaces such as schools. 

The classic grey

Maybe in Scandinavia and America the Volvo is king but around Western Europe Audi has been the estate brand to buy. One of the most classic estates is the Audi A6 Avant. You can get these cars for cheap these days from companies like CMC Motors. Take for example grey A6 Avant TDI Quattro S Line 5-door Auto they offer. It has an impressive 47.9 miles per gallon average, a 6 month warranty, built-in sat nav, parking sensors and heated leather seats. Parents lifting their children’s equipment around will also find the powered boot opening useful so loading the car up on a cold winter morning won’t be so difficult. It’s a 3.0-litre with 245bhp so you have plenty of power as well. 

Old but gold

Of course sedans, saloons and estates aren’t the only good type of car that is great for families. If you’re a small family the good old but gold option of the Ford Focus hatchback is still a relevant choice. Small, nimble but surprisingly roomy inside. Newer models have ecoboost options but also have very good MPG performance.

The best type of car for school runs is preferably either an estate or a sedan. If you have a growing family get an estate as your car isn’t wide enough that it’s hard to drive on busy roads but it’s long and gives you plenty of boot space.

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