A smoothie made with St Helen's Farm goats milk

I bet you didn’t know this about goats milk

What do you think when you hear the words “goats milk”? I think about goats cheese and goats cheese tasting milk. In fact I couldn’t be more wrong.

Last week I attended a really lovely breakfast at the Bourne and Hollingsworth building with St Helen’s Farm and nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, to talk all things goats milk, the health benefits of goats milk, and of course to sample goats milk.

The Bourne and Hollingsworth bar area
Gathering in the bar area for the event to begin

The venue was the perfect location for the event. It was bright and airy, with a beautiful table for us to spend the morning surrounded by plants and sunshine streaming in through the windows. The gorgeous weather on this February day made it even more perfect.

The table where we sat in the garden room of the Bourne and Hollingsworth building

We started off with teas and coffee whilst having a little chit chat with the other ladies. I had Bertie with me, and I think that he pretty much stole the show. I was at first a little bit reluctant to have a cup of tea made with goats milk, but do you know what I couldn’t even tell the difference.

My tea made with St Helen's Farm goats milk

Breakfast was soon served where we sampled Bircher Muesli, Overnight Oats, Yoghurt, Porridge and Buckwheat Pancakes all made with goats milk, and they were all really delicious. Even Bertie had has first sample of goats milk too. Alongside this we drank a range of smoothies that all tasted amazing, my favourite was the Sunshine smoothie, but maybe that was because it was a sunny day and it reminded me of being on holiday.

The breakfast menu
Porridge, yoghurt and overnight oats

Amanda Hamilton held an amazing talk with us all where she talked about the benefits of goats milk. Did you know that goats milk is the most widely drunk in the whole world? More so that cows milk. I didn’t know that.

Goats milk has a huge range of health benefits too. It is far easier and gentler on the gut than cows milk yet still retains the nutrients and calcium that we need. This makes it a good alternative for those of us and our children who may suffer with allergies that could come about from drinking cows milk including eczema.

Bertie choosing his goats milk breakfast
Some more goats milk options for breakfast

I was informed that goats milk is a good milk for young children to drink especially during the weaning phase whilst their gut matures, and I have been offering Freya and Bertie goats milk in their cereal since attending the event, which they seem to like, at least they haven’t moaned about it, or turned their nose up at it.

Enjoying the talk at Bourne and Hollingsworth building with St Helen's Farm and Amanda Hamilton

We are all becoming more and more aware of just how important our gut health is for our bodies. Goats milk is gentler on our stomachs because of its easily digestible fats and proteins. It is also less likely to trigger allergy symptoms, and is reported to aid with ezcema, asthma and digestive discomfort. It also is lower in lactose than cows milk, which makes it an alternative product for those with a lactose sensitivity.

A goats milk smoothie

The goats milk is made by St Helen’s Farm who also make a wide range of other products including strawberry flavour yoghurts, butter, and live yoghurt all made with goats milk. I must say that the strawberry yoghurts are a hit here with us!

As a family we are really impressed with goats milk, and I will definitely be considering using it sometimes as a alternative to cows milk.

How about you? Would you consider switching to goats milk, or using goats milk from time to time?

Claire x

*This is a paid post with St Helen’s Farm, thank you so much for inviting me to this lovely event*

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