Tips for Doing DIY Jobs At Home Safely

Tips for Doing DIY Jobs At Home Safely

Whether it’s repainting the kitchen, cutting back the garden, or upcycling your old furniture, most DIY jobs take a certain level of planning and motivation to complete! If you’ve decided that now’s the time to dust off those paint brushes and get to work on some at-home DIY, then you’re in the right place. Here are some tips to help you do DIY safely. 

Take your time, don’t rush

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they get started on a DIY job is rushing it. After weeks of building yourself up to the task, you want to see results quickly, so you might find yourself cutting corners and working unsafely. There are a lot of DIY jobs that are quite easy to do, especially when following a YouTube video or WikiHow tutorial. Whilst at the same time there are a lot of DIY jobs that require a certain level of skill and patience. 

Ideally you want to start by doing research. Find out what kinds of tools you need, what kind of things could go wrong and how to fix them quickly. If you’re still unsure, get someone with a bit of DIY experience to help you through the process, you might find they have some helpful advice that actually helps you to do a better job in a faster time. 

Invest in the right equipment 

There’s nothing worse than getting half-way through a DIY job and realising that you don’t have the equipment to finish the job. Rushing out to a hardware store when something is half assembled can be really frustrating. Make a list of all the items you need and pick them up before you get started. 

For example, if you’re going to be working at height, make sure you invest in a sturdy ladder that’s suitable for the task at hand. Don’t just use the broken one that’s been sat in the garage for 10 years – this will almost certainly end badly! On top of your DIY equipment ensure you’ve got a well-stocked first aid kit nearby, or better yet, someone to support you if an accident happens. 

Tips for Doing DIY Jobs At Home Safely

Wear the right clothing

While you might not have a full wardrobe of PPE to use when you’re doing DIY, it’s certainly worth investing in appropriate clothing so you can work safely. Avoid flip flops, high heels and other unstable shoes as they can cause trips and falls. Stick to closed toe boots, preferably with a steel toe cap if you’re working with machinery or heavy materials. You don’t want a trip to A&E with a broken toe, do you? 

You might think that long-sleeved clothing is better for protecting your arms, but if there’s a chance that your sleeves could get caught and become a safety hazard, go for short-sleeved clothing. If you’re going to be working with spray paint, or creating a lot of dust or debris, make sure you’ve got safety goggles, a dust mask and gloves. Make sure you take the weather into consideration if you’re working outdoors, you don’t want to abandon you job half way through because you don’t have your waterproofs handy.

So there you have it, a few tips to help you work on your DIY jobs at home safely. If you take your time, use the right equipment and wear the right clothing, you shouldn’t have any DIY disasters.

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