Styling and furnishing our loft master bedroom

Styling and furnishing our master loft bedroom.

AD. A couple of the items mentioned in the post have been gifted to us in lieu of payment.

Now that the refurbishment of our loft conversion is complete we have been slowly rearranging the house and moving back into our master bedroom and bathroom, which is great. Every time I walk upstairs and see the space that we have created I get this ‘pinch me’ moment and I wonder if this is my house. Although I love the build stage and love seeing the transformation of a space, this is where the fun really begins and I can start to make the space our own.

I wanted this floor to feel like a luxurious space that we could escape to, away from the hustle and bustle of the noise that the children are making, and all the plastic toys that are constantly cluttering the floor downstairs. I feel like we’ve achieved that with the fittings and finishes we’ve added here; including the reeded panels, the reeded wardrobe doors, the oak chevron floor and the crittal glass doors leading into the bathroom, and all of these alone create that luxurious space and that “hotel-like” feel I was after as part of my overall vision for the project.

Styling and furnishing our loft master bedroom

However it’s more than that, the accessories and styling that I’ve added to the room help to bolster that luxurious feel, adding to that ‘pinch me’ moment, and I wanted to share with you how I’ve styled the space in this blog post.

I’ll start with the back wall that we have had dressed with reeded panels that have a spray finish in RAL 9005 (that’s the colour code for the colour we’ve chosen). Here we added in two wall lights either side of the bed and these Ritz wall lights in Fools Gold from Dowsing and Reynolds work perfectly against the black reeds. What I love about them is the drop bulb and the detailing on the bulb holder mirroring the reeded panelling. Our clever joiner also cut the reeds to finish around the edge of the base plate, which to me adds to the overall design. It really is all about the little details in this space.

A close up of our Ritz wall light from Dowsing Reynolds against our black reeded panelled wall

We teamed our wall light up with a semi-flush ceiling light also from Dowsing and Reynolds. I had my eye on this ceiling light before we even started the works to replace the existing chrome and sparkly light that used to be there. Our ceiling height is 2.1m tall which makes lighting tricky. Just to give you an idea of ceiling height I can touch the ceiling with my hand and it feels low compared to the rest of 3m tall ceilings downstairs. This meant that we were unable to have a pendant light with a long drop and I really didn’t want to add spots into this room. The Hoxton light also from Dowsing and Reynolds is perfect for lower ceilings and features the gold reeded detail on the bulb holders mirroring the wall lights and our reeded panelling.

For the bedside tables instead of having an actual cupboard or unit we had a single bedside shelf made by our builders’ joiner and incorporated into the reeded panels keeping the back wall clean and simple, allowing the reeded wall to remain as a feature. I also find that bedside tables can fill with clutter and instead I’ve opted for sea grass baskets below each shelf that are currently clutter free. I can’t promise that it will always stay this way.

Next up is our king size bed that we have upgraded from a double bed that we used to have in the room. For this I chose the Bamboo Plus+ mattress from Bedstar UK, which I must add is amazing. It really is incredibly comfortable and I can already feel that it is starting to adapt to my body shape. When the mattress arrived it was vacuum packed and rolled up, making it incredibly easy to move up two flights of stairs to our loft and it was ready to use within four hours of fully removing from its packaging. We currently have this on a temporary bed frame whilst we wait for our pink upholstered bed to arrive, so watch this space for a future reveal.

A close up of our bamboo mattress from Bedstar UK

I’ve then dressed our bed with a beautiful bamboo bedding set from Sloth London with the peach edging that ties in perfectly with the tiles in the bathroom. Our loft is notoriously hot in the summer and it’s so nice to get into a cool bed at the end of the day, as the bedding is really cool and soft to touch.

In addition to the bedding I’ve placed black, white and pink cushions on the bed to soften the space, and to strengthened my core colour palette in the room. Our bed is such a large item and adding cushions here really helps to decorate and style the overall room, and adds more to the black reeded wall.

Looking through to our bedroom from the doorway into the room

Last up, and if you know me well, you will know that I love a plant and plants are a big feature that I will be adding up here. The room is approximately 7 metres long by 4 metres wide which is plenty of room for large plants, plus they add a feeling of calm and tranquility to the space. Hopefully it won’t be long before you see a few palms to compliment the Monstera, and a Bird of Paradise up here as well.

So that’s it, that’s how I’ve started to style our master bedroom in our loft, which is love. If I’m honest I’m a little overwhelmed by the space that we’ve created up here and how close it is to my vision I set our last year. There is still plenty more to do including styling the feature shelves and desk on the wall opposite the bed, and you can read more about how we renovated and transformed our loft bathroom, here.

Useful links….

Mattress from Bedstar UK

Peach bedding from Sloth London

Ritz Wall in Fools Gold with Celestial Opal Bulb from Dowsing Reynolds

Black reeded panelling, bedside shelf and chevron floor all created, supplied and installed by MPRM Design & Build

Accessories (all IKEA)

Monstera plant

Sea grass basket

Mettelise cushion

Pink throw

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