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Surprise your child with a PlayMobil Advent Calendar

[AD] We were gifted these two PlayMobil Advent Calendars and all opinions are my own.

Christmas is just around the corner and my two children started asking questions about advent calendars last week, little did they know that I had two PlayMobil Advent Calendars hiding up in the room of doom for them. This weekend I decided to surprise them with the calendars and they loved it! They are both huge PlayMobil fans and these are just perfect!

Looking at their PlayMobil Advent Calendars

Although now I am going to have to endure “Mummy when can I open my advent calendar” right up until the 1st December and prevent them from trying to open it. They have already taken centre stage in the kitchen, so wish me luck.

We have two advent calendars. My daughter has Dario’s Workshop Advent Calendar and my Son has Christmas Manger Advent Calendar which is perfect for younger children.

A close up of Dario's worktop PlayMobil Advent Calendar
A close up of the Christmas Manger Advent Calendar

As a parent what I love about the PlayMobil Advent Calendars is obviously they won’t be eating chocolate at 6am each morning, they encourage play, and that the advent calendar scene builds throughout December. My daughter’s calendar comes with a tower, cross bow and paraglider that you build in advance of the 1st December, and then behind each door is a person or an accessory that you add to the scene. We’ve already built ours and I’m looking forward to seeing how it takes shape in a couple of weeks time.

The other really lovely aspect about these Advent Calendar is that the PlayMobil characters and toys can be played with over and over again, and isn’t just for Christmas. I can already see this being added to our vast collection of PlayMobil and getting played with throughout the year.

Thank you PlayMobil we are all very happy with our calendars and looking forward to the 1st December, fingers crossed my kids can wait until then.

If you’re looking for a fun Advent Calendar do have a look at the PlayMobil collection and there are many more to choose from.

Claire x

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Our PlayMobil Advent Calendars

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