How frequently should you repot your indoor houseplants

How frequently should you repot your indoor houseplants

There is no definitive answer to repotting plants as it will depend on the type of plant and its age. As they age they grow more slowly and will need repotting less often. 

However, a good general approach is to repot them every twelve to eighteen months. This is obviously referring to when you have purchased quality indoor plants online, anything directly in the soil will not need to be repotted!

There are several things worth considering before you repot your plant.

It Doesn’t Always Mean A New Pot!

Plants use the nutrients in the soil and sometimes they will simply benefit from changing the soil but remaining in the same pot. This gives them fresh soil and nutrition to help them grow. That’s good news if you like the pot they are currently in.

You will have to assess the exact timescale and potting needs depending on the plant. Some are very slow growers and can go years with only the soil being changed. Others will need it doing more often than the average of twelve to eighteen months. 

However, if the roots are filling the soil then it is time to change the pot as well.

How frequently should I repot my Monstera

Increasing Size

When you repot you don’t want to go with too large a pot as this will swamp the plant and increase the potential for weeds and other plants to appear and take the valuable nutrients. You should always choose a pot approximately three inches wider for table plants and six inches wider for any on the floor. 

This gives them room to grow without being excessive.


It is best to repot plants in the spring if possible, even if they are indoor plants. This is because the spring is when they do most of their growing, ensuring they will adapt to the new pot and settle in. If you change pots during the late autumn or winter the plant is likely to be dormant and will not stretch its roots into the new soil. That increases the risk of it having issues.

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Signs That Your Plant Needs Repotting

There are several signs to look out for that tell you your plant has outgrown its current pot, even if it has been the designated time. These include roots coming through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. 

Other signs are the plant getting very top-heavy and being prone to falling over and the above soil part of the plant is three times the size of the pot. 

You may also notice that the rate of growth has slowed and there is a mineral build-up on the leaves of the plant.


Don’t forget that when you repot to a large pot you should take the soil from the old pot with you. You will want to lift the plant out with all the roots and soil attached and place it on a bed of lava rocks n the new pot. Pack fresh soil around it and make sure the soil stays moist but not wet for the next few days to encourage the plant to spread its roots.

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