How to buy kids stationary, be smart and save more.

How to buy kids stationery – be smart and save more

Buying stationery for children is one of those expenses that we do not consider to be a particularly big one until that time of the year comes around again! It’s not as much the expense itself, but the effect this additional expenditure has on our monthly budget. With a few smart steps, however, you can budget your kids’ stationery items much better.

Buying from Online Shops Only

Buying back to school items is almost always going to be cheaper online, because they do not have to maintain a shop and employees. That being said, this only applies to online-only websites, so you may want to shop around a bit before settling on the best deal.

Points and Discounts

When you get all school supplies from one particular place, you will begin to gather points on each purchase. Use those points to get special discounts and offers on future purchases. Take a look at this range of kids stationery from Smudge, and sign up with them to get an instant 10% discount on your first order. Parents can save on delivery charges as well here, as Smudge offers free delivery within the UK (orders must be worth £20+).

How to buy kids stationary, be smart and save more.

Time It Right

Timing is everything, when it comes to shopping for children’s school supplies. Consider these tips to understand how and why timing is so important:

  • Buying children’s future school supplies is not difficult, as parents already have a good idea regarding what they might need next.
  • Buy kids stationery whenever there is a discount or a sale going on.
  • Create a wishlist and buy all when a discount or a sale pops up on those items.
  • Given that school supplies are usually not perishables, there is little harm in buying what they will need ahead of time.
  • You may get a bargain when buying out of season. 

Use Local Shops for Small Orders

In case you are looking to buy a pencil or two, you may find it easier, faster and cheaper to do in your local shop. If your total online shopping basket amount is so low that the site does not offer free delivery, it may make sense to buy from your local shops. 

Be Cost-Efficient

A lot depends on the particular type of product you are buying, but the general idea behind shopping smart is to shop with cost-efficiency in mind. Buying cheap, low quality items, on the other hand, is neither smart nor cost-efficient. Poor paper quality for example, will affect your child’s note taking abilities, as the pages will tear quite easily. Also, if the pencil keeps breaking, that may affect their handwriting development. Besides, the flimsier things such as pencil cases and school bags are, the more often you will have to buy them, which ultimately makes such items cost-inefficient and not really cheap in the long run.

After a school year is over, rummage through the remaining supplies to see what you can salvage. Note down everything that can still be reused for a significant while, as you will be able to save by omitting them from the final shopping list. Also, you may want to shop around during the year instead of treating the kids stationery expenses as an annual event.

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How to save money when buying kids stationery

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