5 ways that we're planning Christmas for the kids this year

[AD] 5 ways that we’re planning Christmas for the kids this year

Christmas already feels very different this year. Who knows if we will be able to have a big family Christmas or whether we will be staying in London? But what I do know is that whatever happens it will be magical for my children. Which to me is the only thing that matters. Already my daughter is asking when is it Christmas and how many days it is until the big day. She is in for a long wait. But she did ask me on the 25th September (to be precise) and I could tell her it was in exactly three months time.

Regardless of where we will be, whether we will be here in our house in London as a family or four, or hopefully visiting my parents, Christmas will be a special occasion for all of us, and here’s how we are going to do it.

Writing a letter to Santa

My daughter is already talking about her Christmas list and what she would love to receive from Santa, and I’m starting to think about gifting ideas for my family and my husband’s family to give to my daughter and son. I find that it’s best to start this sooner rather than later, so that you’re not thinking about what to buy so close to the day itself. Another good way to do this is to ask your child to write their letter to Santa with their wish list of gifts and hopefully this will help with some ideas especially if they are tricky to buy for and have everything that they need.

Girl giving a Christmas gift

Decorating the house

I love decorating the house for Christmas, it’s been something that I’ve enjoyed doing since I was a child. Getting down the Christmas tree from the loft or going out to purchase a real one definitely marked the start of Christmas for me. Now that we have our own house, I’m determined to decorate our home so that my children remember it. It starts by adding the bauble wreath to the front door, adding Christmas lights to the stairs and the plants outside, and setting up the Christmas tree. As well as adding Christmas accessories to the house and on the bean above the fireplace. My daughter already loves it and I can’t wait to do it again this year.

Watching Christmas films

When it’s cold and wet outside there really is nothing better than getting cosy with a good Christmas film on a weekend afternoon. As a family we love watching all the classic including Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street. It’s probably the first year that my children have enjoyed watching films, and I’m already looking forward to the weekends in December to share a few Christmas classics with them. Oh, and watching Frozen whilst munching on treats and drinking hot chocolates.

One of the things that we will be doing is some Christmas baking

Baking Christmas treats

Baking is always something that I’ve enjoyed doing with the kids, but this time I’ll be swapping cupcakes and scones for gingerbread and star shaped goodies. All are perfect to snack on whilst watching that Christmas film on a Saturday afternoon.

Countdown to the big day

Finally one of the most remembered traditions that I have as a child is counting down to the big day with an advent calendar. My daughter actually asked me this morning when she would be getting hers, and I subtly told her that she has to wait a while. But, I know how she feels as I love advent calendars too, even as an adult I love opening each door every morning.

So those are the 5 ways that we will be planning for Christmas this year with the kids. Fingers crossed we will be able to celebrate with family and friends, but whatever happens I am determined to make it magical and memorable for my two children. How about you? Have you made any plans for Christmas? I would love to hear if there are any traditions in your household.

Claire x

5 ways that we're planning Christmas for the kids this year


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