How to Add Diversity To Your Blogs

How to Add Diversity To Your Blog Content

When you are blogging for a living, you know that the only way to keep doing well for your readers is to offer content that is of high value that they can get something out of. You have to strive to give people the best content possible if you want your blog to survive, and there are many ways to do this.

Did you know that there are five different categories for content? And did you know that if you don’t mix them all up and use them all, your blog will become boring? Would you consider that you can add video chat to your blog to make it better? People could get to know the face behind the words, and that can make a big difference to your following and traffic. So, let’s look at those content categories that you need to make your blog a success.

  • Pillar Content. These are the articles that carefully examine a subject in order to provide the reader with a foundation on the matter. Think about all the deep, factual posts you upload that show off the fact that you are an authority in your field and that you know what you are talking about. These are the posts that people come back for.
  • Interactive Content. Interviews with important people. Open forums for discussion. Posts that offer interaction between you and external people. These are all interactive content. The video chat that we previously mentioned will help you to go a long way to make your website more interactive, too. You know that your readers want to hear more than one voice, and communal discussions are a good way to healthily air opinions and gain feedback from your readers, too.
  • News Content. News articles may not be the main feature of your blog, but the community will help you to become established as an authority if you post news from the industry. Whether you use social media to Tweet daily on local and global news updates in your industry, or you are posting local news coverage, it’s a good way to add spice!
  • Opinion Content. Sometimes, you can use your blog as a platform to offer your opinion on certain topics. You need to make up pieces that are well-written and have a vibrant commentary so that people can feel that your opinion is worth listening to. Sure, yoru arguments may be controversial, but they are not invalud and your blog is your platform to air those opinions properly.
  • Mix It Up! Mixed content is one of the best ways to add diversity and to encourage customers to read what you have to say. Videos, images, podcasts, news – it can all me mixed into your blogs and you can attract readers who are interested in all of it. If you have people who love to watch video blogs, then add more videos. The best way to ensure that you are offering the right content is to see how your posts are ranking whenever you add something. You can then concentrate on the posts that do well!

How do you add diversity to your blog posts?

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