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[AD] 5 tips to help you design a modern and stylish bathroom

If you’re in the middle of planning a bathroom renovation, you’re probably looking at different styles, colours and also remembering practicality too. We renovated our main family bathroom and created a downstairs toilet as part of our house renovation last year, and as a result I’ve learned a lot about designing and styling bathrooms. We are now at the very early stages of planning a refurbishment of our existing bathroom in our loft conversation, and I can’t wait to get started. In the meantime here are 5 tips to help you plan, style and design your own bathroom, that I’m also taking into considering when planning mine.

Think outside the box

There are so many things that you can do when planning and designing a bathroom, remember you can steer away from the layout of the existing bathroom.  You may even literally think outside the existing room to make your new bathroom bigger. It may cost a little more to move plumbling and electrics around, however if you’re gutting the existing bathroom now is the time to make changes like this. For example when we completed our main bathroom renovation I really wanted a seperate shower to enable us to have a freestanding bath. To achieve this we had to move the door to the middle of the room allowing us to have the bath on one side and the shower on the other. The result is perfect, it works for us, one child can have a bath whilst the other has a shower, and it means that I can no longer see the toilet from the front door.

Beautiful bathroom using plants to add a sense of calm and tranquility to the space

The all important bathroom suite

Think about the look and style that you are trying to achieve for the space, and it should also tie-in to the overall style of your house too. If you live in a Victorian or Edwardian house a freestanding bath would look fantastic. If you’re trying to create a more modern slick feel there are hundreds of baths, sinks, toilets and showers to choose from. I would recommend you to shop around for these, look online and seek ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. As a side note I probably spent more time selecting items for our bathroom than I did planning our new kitchen. Bathrooms take time to plan, there are so many bits and pieces, so don’t rush it.

Consider a freestanding bath if you're in a Victorian or Edwardian home for elegance and sophistication.

Create a stylish floor

You will see more and more fun, quirky, modern, stylish bathrooms the more that you research and plan the design for your room. The flooring is something you can be bold with whether that it is with tiles or with Vinyl Flooring. You will be surprised that there are loads of stylish patterns when it comes to vinyl flooring that actually look like genuine tiles or a wood floor. So my advice here is to spend time considering your style, your colour palette and the type of flooring you would prefer. You should also check with your builder that the type of flooring you would like can be installed and is suitable for the room.

Add a bold floor to your bathroom to make a statement.

Consider your metals

Gone are the days of simply selecting chrome taps and shower heads. I am in the process of de-chroming the house and opting for black and gold taps, which add a sense of sophistication and something different to the space. Black and brass taps are on trend at the moment and you’ll see this when you’re planning your bathroom design. Also don’t be afraid to mix metals, and instead pick one accent colour. We have selected brass taps and a shower in our bathroom, which is mixed with black click clack wastes. The toilet flush and shower trap are chrome, however they both reflect the pattern of the tiles and do not scream chrome at me. As long as you choose a strong accent colour you won’t notice any deviations from this.

Consider different metals rather than chrome. What about brass or black?

Be bold with your tiling

This is where you can really go to town and create a wow factor bathroom that you will love to spend time in and show off. Research, research and research this, get samples before deciding on your final tile choices. It’s where you can be really brave and bold, mixing colours, styles and patterns. Bathroom designs are now fun, and no longer just white or beige tiles on the walls. To give you some ideas think about patterned ceramic tiles in a bold colour choice, teamed up with a coloured grout. Or if you would like to stick to simplicity (like we have), choose white tiles but placed on the walls in a herringbone, chevron, basket weave or brick pattern with a dark grout for standout creating a monochrome look.

Monochrome style bathroom with white herringbone tiles with black grout

There are a so many options when it comes to bathroom design. My advice here would be to research like mad, create a moodboard, save images to your collections on Instagram and boards on Pinterest which will enable you to see what colours and palettes you like. Once you have a bit of a plan in your head talk this through with your builder to make sure that it is all feasible, they may also have some suggestions to help you with design, layout and that all important budget.

Have you recently renovated a bathroom, I would love to hear how you planning and designed it.

Claire x

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5 tips to help you create a bathroom that oozes style





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