How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home

[AD] How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home.

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One of the key features of our house renovation and kitchen extension was to be able to throw open the doors in the summer and open up the back of the house fully, so that the kids could run inside and outside as freely as they wished. It’s lovely being able to open up the doors on a sunny morning, and step outside instantly onto the decking. This was high on my wish list before we started our project, and as we move into the colder months of the year it’s also important to me that our bi-fold doors stop the warmth from the under floor heating escaping and keep the cold out.

We’ve had our bi-fold doors in place for just over a year now, and based on my own experience here are a things to consider when choosing stylish and efficient doors, and windows for your home.

How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home

What type of doors and windows do you like? 

There are different types of doors that you can choose from, and Kloeber has them all. You can choose between bi-fold, sliders or French doors, and all are fantastic for anyone doing a house renovation or a self-build project. It very much comes down to the look that you are trying to achieve.

For windows you can consider casement windows, twist and turn windows or fixed windows. Just like the doors, the type of window that you choose very much comes down to practicality and personal choice. I love huge fixed windows that would need to be paired up with windows that can be opened for ventilation and a means of escape. So alongside thinking about the type of doors and windows you also need to think about practicality and making sure that they get approved by building control (if applicable to your project).

How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home

What style are you looking for?

Bi-fold doors are ideal if you want to open up the back or a wall of your property to invite the outside in. Sliders are for those who want to create a sleek and contemporary look and feel. One of their advantages is you can create an almost frameless view of the garden. Whereas French doors are great for creating and adding more of a traditional feel to your home.

Once you’ve decided on the type of door for your home next up is choosing the frame colour and ironmongery. Some of the most popular colours are black and anthracite grey inside and out. It’s always worth thinking about the style of the internal space before deciding on your final colour choice. For example we opted for anthracite grey bi-fold doors that almost match the colour of our kitchen, and the two work really well together. If you’re opting for a white or a light kitchen you may be better choosing doors and windows with a white frame. You’ll also need to consider the ironmongery, and the colour of the handles too!

How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home

What material best suits your home design?

Many doors and windows come in either timber or aluminium. Timber has fantastic insulation properties that will generally keep the warmth in and the cold out, making it perfect for eco extensions and new builds. Aluminium has a sleeker appearance, is low maintenance and is ideal for a more modern project. However having said aluminium also looks great in period properties creating a contrast against the existing Victorian or Edwardian features. It’s entirely up to you which material you choose as your door or windows will completely depend on your project and ultimately personal preference.

How to add stylish and efficient doors and windows to your home

How energy efficient do you want the doors and windows to be?

All doors and windows will be energy efficient designed to keep the heat in and the cold out. There are different options that you can choose to give them a greater level of efficiency including using triple-glazed glass which also makes them more soundproof too.

I hope that this post has given you advice on how to choose doors and windows for your home or future project? I would love to know what you have in your home, or what you’re planning for your future house renovation or self-build project?


Credit – All images are supplied by Kloeber.

How to add stylish doors and windows to your home






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