3 pendant lights gathered in a cluster

How to choose stand out LED pendant lights for your home

Choosing lighting for your home can be tricky. I must have spent hours crawling the internet trying to find that ideal pendant light for our kitchen extension to work in the space and to also look good too. I may have spent longer looking at lighting than I did planning the overall kitchen extension. But they say the devil is in the detail.

Our challenge was that we wanted pendant lighting over our kitchen island which also had a skylight above it too, limiting the ceiling space. We agreed to have one pendant light with a few bulbs, and just searching around for that perfect pendant light took a long time. So to get LED pendant lights that stand out there are a few things you need to consider before you buy….

One pendant light fitting with three exposed LED bulbs over our kitchen island

Style of the room

The lighting that you choose should work with the style of the room and the overall style that you are trying to achieve throughout your home. There are literally hundreds of different styles available from industrial to rustic, including metal shades or clear shades, or pendant lighting featuring exposed bulbs for a more contemporary feel. This is what we have in our kitchen. It is a bit of a minefield out there to find that nice light that you’re looking for, and my advice would be to work out what style you are looking for and narrow it down from there. To help you do this you can look at online retailers, and use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

2 stylish industrial style pendant lights above a desk space

Space available

Once you’ve worked out your style of lighting it’s now time to tailor it to the space. How large or small of a room are you  trying to light up or to add feature lighting to, and do you have high ceilings which will mean your lighting should be on a longer lighting flex. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg here, but the space you have available may also influence the design. For example you may want pendant lighting to fill a wide area, yet only have one light fitting. That’s ok, as you can choose pendant lighting that has many bulbs. If you have high ceilings above a stairwell you could opt for one fancy pendant light on a long flex to create impact and wow-factor.

Exposed LED pendant lighting in the home

Number of lights

You can probably tell by now that there are many points to consider when choosing pendant lighting which leads me onto the number of lights to have. Lighting shouldn’t overwhelm the space, yet at the same time is should fill the space. When it comes to kitchen island lighting if your island is more than 2.4m long you can get away with three pendant lights above it. For smaller island opt for two or just the one pendant lights. You may have a long room such as a hallway with many light fittings, if this is the case I would recommend that the same pendant light is used in each light fitting for consistency and to keep the style of the room the same.

3 pendant lights gathered in a cluster


Last up is budget, and just like anything in the home, everything comes down to budget. Lighting can be expensive, and your budget may influence the style and number of pendant lights that you choose. Be realistic about budget, but also don’t scrimp too much as lighting has the ability to completely change the look of the room, and create that wow factor stand out feature.

Our LED pendant lighting on a long flex to suit the ceiling height

If you’re in the middle of picking lighting for your home, I hope that this blog post has helped you. We opted to have exposed LED bulbs above our kitchen island and in the lounge area of the kitchen extension. They are the same pendant light, coming out of one light fitting, but with the three bulbs of each light arranged in a different formation to work with the space and the ceiling height.

Claire x

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