No More Funny Looks Get Taken Seriously As A Blogger

No More Funny Looks! Get Taken Seriously As A Blogger

The main obstacle bloggers have to face is that everyone can establish themselves as bloggers. While that’s the beauty of the blogging career – it is open to everyone – it also means that you’ll stumble across a handful of bad bloggers before finding a quality blog. Unfortunately, bad bloggers harm the reputation of the blogging industry. It makes the rest of us look less serious. Each bad blogger casts a negative light on the importance of blogging for businesses.

For each blogger who takes on the online space to discuss their personal life without providing any useful content to the readers, there is a talented blogger who is desperate to get some attention and to make a living out of their passion for writing. But, to the inexperienced eye of businesses and readers, it can be difficult to make the difference between a good and a bad blogger at first. So you need to help them and to show that you take your blogging business seriously.

1. Get rich blogging

The best way to show your readership that you are a serious blogger who means it and who knows what he/she is doing is to make a living out of your blog. If you’re wondering how this works, take a look at a previous article on that discusses ways of making money as a blogger. While one of the most obvious methods is to offer your writing services to other businesses; it’s actually not the most profitable way to turn blogging into a significant source of income. If you can attract readers to your blog, you can offer advertising placements to businesses, which guarantees a constant source of income. You can also offer to review products and services online, which allows you to get paid to test something for free.

2. Establish your business

While bloggers tend to start as freelancers from a variety of background – from the student struggling with debts to the stay-at-home mom raising young children – it doesn’t mean that you can’t handle your blogging activity like a business. You can set a Ltd. company for your blogging income, for instance, which offers great tax advantages. Worried about using your home address for the company? You don’t have to; offers virtual business addresses, and you can even get a full virtual office with a call answering service. A simple way to turn personal blogging into business blogging is to setup a professional email address that matches your domain name. Instead of getting your blog mail at, you can work with Gmail to create an email address for  

3. Be visible

As a blogger, you need to remain visible if you want to get noticed. That means you need to promote your blog on the right social media platforms. LinkedIn is a good place to start, especially if you’re blogging about business topics. But if you’re a lifestyle or travel blogger, you should use Instagram instead. It’s the best way to gather attention, especially if you know your #hashtags!

Social Media for Bloggers

Blogging can be a career. But the only way to make it work is to treat your online writing activity as a business: Transform it as a source of income, promote yourself professionally and stay visible. So time to make friend with your keyboard and turn your blog into a successful business!

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