You at 25 months

You at 25 months

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to continue with these monthly updates once you turned two. However you’re changing rapidly at the moment, that it’s important to capture what you’ve been up to. So much has happened since your 2nd birthday, and you’ve changed loads becoming more and more like a child. Here’s a short snapshot of everything that you are doing at 25 months.

  • You’ve been on two holidays, lucky you. One to Wales and one to Spain in the last month. During these holidays you’ve loved to play in the sand, literally wallow in it, that you are covered from head to toe like a sand monster. I never thought you would like the beach this much, but you love it.
  • You now love to play with your doll, taking her in and out of her crib, putting her bed and saying “night night”. Recently you’ve wanted to change her nappy, and you enjoy taking her clothes off, and trying to change her nappy.
  • Which leads me onto potty training. Although I think we are a while away from this stage, I know that it’s coming. You tell me when you need a nappy change, and try to do it yourself. There’s also been a few rather embarrassing occasions when you’ve told me quite loudly on a train or plane that you’ve done a number 2.
  • You want to know exactly what’s going on. When I’m cooking dinner you want to be up on my hip seeing what’s inside the pan and stirring the contents. Although you become angry when I explain that you can’t as it’s dangerous.
  • It’s been a challenging month for food for you. At the start of the month you barely ate more than a biscuit each day and drank loads of milk. Now you are back onto 3 meals a day, and getting slightly chubby around the face and tummy.
  • This could have been related to a nasty flu like virus at the beginning of August when I was pretty worried about you. I never known you sleep on me at this age, or to just fall asleep on the floor. Luckily I didn’t need to take you to the doctors as you bounced back pretty quickly.
  • Every single month I say this, but your talking has gone up to an entire new level. I think that this might be to do with you being around family members for most of August. You can now say so many more words and even string a few sentences together.
  • You seem to have a slight obsession with the KidloLand App on my iPad, demanding to watch the “spider” every evening. I am impressed that at 2 years old you can navigate yourself around my iPad and my iPhone too.
  • We had so much fun a few weeks ago when we visited the Velodrome with vTech and you got to be pushed round and round on your trike. Even better we got to take the trike home with us, which was somewhat challenging on the tube at rush hour.
  • It has been a dream spending the last month with you. You want to play and you want to do stuff. You’re now interested in drawing and colouring, and reading your favourite books. Still the “bear book” is a firm favourite.

So those are all the things that you are doing at 25 months. We have a busy month ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop, possibly even potty training, although I am in complete denial about that.

Mummy x

You at 25 months



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