Preparing to Potty Train with My Carry Potty

Preparing for Potty Training with My Carry Potty

Potty training. Two words that cause me to shudder. I’m not ready and definitely in denial about it, but it’s something that we are starting to think about now that our daughter is two. I heard loads of things about potty training including wait until they’re ready, or do it in the Summer. By then she would be nearly three, so that’s too old. Her nursery are starting to potty train others in her group, and she is (I think) starting to show signs that she’s ready.

Those signs include talking about needing the “baby toilet”, or “change nappy” or “dirty poo poo”. So it feels like potty training is getting closer, which is filling me with fear. Fear of wees and poos on the carpet, or something left behind the sofa.

In preparation for potty training I’m starting to think about how to go about it. Fortunately I’ve had a little helping hand from the lovely people at My Carry Potty and the Potty Training Academy, making the entire process feel a lot more fun and straightforward than I previously thought, by providing some really useful tips to make us parents feel a whole lot more confident about it.

Top tips for successful potty training

  • Use pull-up nappies. Huggies have created a range that allow your child to feel the difference between wet and dry, which should help them understand when they are doing a wee. These nappies are also great to help manage any unexpected accidents.
  • Reward your child. Once they have done a wee or a poo in the potty, reward them, providing them with lots of praise and encouragement. They need to feel confident that what they are doing is correct, so that they continue this behaviour.
  • Take your My Carry Potty with you wherever you go. I’ve heard myths that you need to stay indoors and at home during potty training. This is not true, your child needs to confident to go to toilet once they are out and about. You wouldn’t stay at home all day to be near a toilet, so why should they. Plus the My Carry Potty’s come in a range of styles and colours, and are sealed so your child can use it anywhere.

  • Ask your child regularly if they need to use the potty. Try sitting them on it every 30 minutes, so that they get used to it, and understand what it’s for.
  • Be patient. Potty training takes time. Every child is different. Some children may get it on the first day, or some other may take longer. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen as quickly as someone else in your NCT group.
  • Timing is crucial. It’s best not to potty train if there are going to be interruptions, such as a new baby or a holiday. Potty training will take your focus, so make sure you have a couple of clear weeks or days to have a good run at it.
  • Get your toddler involved in selecting knickers or pants. It’s really important that they feel part of the process. So take them with you to Mothercare or M&S (or wherever) and let them choose their pants.
  • Talk them through the potty training process by reading a book or watching a DVD about it together. Talk them through what’s happening, which should help to deepen their understanding so that they start to learn what to do. We’ve been given a brilliant book and DVD by The Potty Training Academy which I will be reading and watching with my daughter.
  • Let your nursery, childminder or family know that you are potty training, so that they can also support with potty training once your child is in their care. It’s also key that they stick to the same way you are potty training, so not to confuse your child.
  • Lastly don’t revert back to nappies, unless it’s absolutely essential. This is really important to avoid your child getting really confused and wondering what’s going on.

Preparing to Potty Train with My Carry Potty

Having read a lot about it, I’m actually quite excited about starting it. Although I’m sure when there’s wee on the stairs, I won’t be saying that.

So those are my potty training preparation tips. What are you top tips for potty training, I would love to hear from you?

Keep an eye out for another blog post later this year on our potty training journey.

Claire x


  • Oldhouseintheshires

    Lovely post and cute potty! I have worked in nurseries and have 2 children who were very different to potty train. My advice would be to really check that your child is ready’ do they know the difference between wet and dry (washings hands and drying them), do they tell you they are doing a poo, can they physically pull up pants, do they have some language, are they interested in toileting and the best one….is their nappy dry after a nap or after a morning (showing you that they are retaining urine in their bladder for longer periods) If the answer is yes, go for it! My daughter was clean and dry day and night by 21/2 but I didn’t start training until my son was almost 3. Each child is different and training success is not due to you in fact, it’s a physical maturity of your child’s bits and bobs! My other advice is use pants from day one…yes, you will have accidents but your child will not like being wet so will catch on quicker. Good luck! #fortheloveofblog

  • The Squirmy Popple

    I’m dreading potty training to0 – the Popple is 27 months and just starting to show signs that she might be ready soon. Last night she sat on her potty properly for the first time – she didn’t pee in it, but that was a big step. I’m determined not to push her though – there’s no point in trying to make this kid do something she doesn’t want to do! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • The Mummy Bubble

    Great tips here, looking forward to finding out how you get on. I keep putting potty training off for one reason or another. Really need to get going with it! We have a potette travel potty which is a similar concept to this but not as pretty x #fortheloveofblog

  • Helen @Talking_Mums

    I like this idea. With our daughter she decided to go about 18 months and just wanted to use the ‘big toilet’ she never bothered with the potty or a smaller toilet seat, it was unbelievably easy. My son will be 2 in January and I don’t think things will be as easy with him. He has started to tell us when he’s done a poo though. Will keep this kit in mind x

  • Wendy

    My top bit of advice would be don’t expect to nail it first try and just follow your little ones lead. Don’t worry if your friends baby is already potty trained and yours is nowhere near ready. That potty looks amazing xx #fortheloveofblog

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    I have had several developmental milestone emails from Bounty, all going on about potty training my youngest. He’s only 17 months!!! Plus my mum goes on about how me and my sister were potty trained by 13 months. Zach is nowhere near ready. My older 2 were dry at night before they were dry during the day. I’ll keep waiting for the right time #fortheloveofblog

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