My 5 favourite blogs - October 2017

My 5 favourite blogs – October 2017

It’s that time of the month again where I share with you my 5 favourite blogs that I have really enjoyed reading. It’s been tough and there’s so many good ones to choose from, but here are my favourite and I hope that you agree. You never know you might come across a blogger you’ve never heard of, so I find this a great way to spread the blogging love.


I love this new blogger on the scene. Posts from Flaps and Baps are honest, raw, funny and emotional. They tell the truth from the frontline of parenting. It is what it is, there is nothing to beat about the bush. One of my favourite posts is how her husband doesn’t lie. He doesn’t lie about how hard this parenting malarky is, especially in the early days of having a newborn. Whereas on the flip side us Mums pretend and try to make out that everything is going smoothly.

Flaps and Baps


I’ve always been a fan of Katie from the Squirmy Popple, ever since her blog was set-up at around about the same time as mine. I’m even more of a fan now that she has a series called Flexi Mamas. I gave up my career to pursue a more flexible career / work life balance so I love reading her latest interview with another blogger. I particularly enjoyed reading her interview with Sam from Mouse Moo Me Too, as I could completely relate to how hard returning to work actually is and how belittled you could be made to feel.

The Squirmy Popple


Aleena from Mummy Mama Mum has been featured blogger a couple of times at #fortheloveofBLOG, and that goes to show that we are huge fans of her writing. I really enjoy reading her posts, they are truthful and discuss topics that most parents want to read about. Reading her post about choosing the right nursery is something I sure that a lot of parents can relate to and place a lot of importance on.


Mummy Mama Mum


I came across Popcorn for Lunch today after a funny comment on one of my blog posts. It was completely different to other comments so I felt compelled to take a look at her blog. And I love it, particularly the parody “We’re going on a shoe hunt”. As a parent who reads “We’re going on a bear hunt” every single night to my daughter, I was laughing along reading this post. But alongside this there are the hard facts of parenting posts, and I love the balance that Popcorn for Lunch strikes.

Popcorn for Lunch


My final favourite blogger this month is Little Paper Swans. This blog has undergone a massive transformation recently, and it is totally gorgeous. The images are beautiful, and literally take you to where they are taken, and the food images make your mouth water just looking at them. I enjoyed reading Catherine’s latest post about whether children should be invited to weddings, and I can understand both sides to the debate, and yet they can be very easily entertained.

Little Paper Swans

So those are my 5 favourite bloggers this month. I really enjoy reading their blog posts, and I hope you do too.

Have you got a favourite blogger at the moment? If so I would love to know to help spread the blogging love.

Claire x


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