Behind the Blogging Scenes

Behind the Blogging Scenes

I really enjoy writing these posts as they allow a little more about The Pramshed to be revealed to my fellow bloggers. I first saw the Behind the Blogging Scenes tag  on My Real Fairy blog, and I voluntarily put myself forward to take part, as I couldn’t resist sharing a few hints and tips on blogging.

Where do you blog?

I write most of my blog posts in my living room sitting on the sofa, usually with the TV on in the background and the husband chatting to me. Or I will sit down at the kitchen table and write a post whilst my husband is making  dinner. Most of my posts are written in the evening, and are ready to publish often around 11pm, however I tend to think that this is a really bad to publish and often leave it to 6am when I have a fresher head.

I leave my blog post commenting for the train, and I’ll do this on my phone. It’s so much easier commenting on a mobile, than writing a blog post on a small screen.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

A lot of my blog posts are written about day-to-day life with our daughter, and capture the special moments or a moment that I want to share with my readers. We’ve just recently been to my Brother’s wedding, and my next post is going to be about taking a baby to a wedding, sharing some hints and tips.

How long does it take you to write your blog posts?

I can often write a blog post in about 30 minutes. If I’ve been thinking about it for an hour or so, I often find the words come tumbling out. Then it’s just a matter of editing it to make sure it makes sense, and finding a suitable image. Sometimes I find searching for a image to be the hardest part of publishing a post, and taking longer than writing the post.

Do you plan your blog posts? How?

I have a very loose schedule. What I mean by this is an overview of each week (i.e w/c 5th September 2016), and a plan for what to publish each week. I will try to publish two or three posts a week. By no means do I have a formal blogging calendar. If posts move and another idea or product review comes along, then I will move posts out of the way for a later week.

What kind of camera do you use?  What editing programme?

I mainly use the camera on my Samsung phone, and I don’t really edit my pictures at all. I will crop them if they need resizing for my blog, or maybe apply a fancy filter. For my more fancier pictures I have used my Canon 600D DSLR camera, and I can clearly see the difference between this and my phone pictures.

Do you use a notebook to track your ideas?

Yes! I couldn’t live without a notebook for my blog. I am always writing down ideas for a post, and then allocating it against a week to write and publish the post. I love making lists, so a notebook is an essential item.

How do you take your pictures?

I often take loads of pictures of the same shot, and then have to wittle them down to the best one. If I see an interesting scene, or a memory to capture I will take a picture whether it be on my phone or camera.

What’s your favourite type of blog post to write?

Posts that are of an event or milestone we are experiencing with our daughter right now. One of my favourite posts was my review of Street Feast: Hawker House, as I hadn’t written many food reviews, and I really enjoyed writing this and sharing my thoughts with my readers. I also found that this post gained a lot of traffic with very little promotion.

Who knows about your blog?

Everyone knows about my blog. For a long time it was a secret, and only my family knew, along with my Twitter following. I made a brave move to release my blog on my personal Facebook page a few week’s ago and since then I’ve had some lovely comments.

Are you an organised or messy blogger?

I would say that I’m somewhere in the middle. Before I went back to work, I was more organised with my blog as I had more time. Now I would say it’s more adhoc. I try to be organised by allocating posts to share each week, but I don’t really have too much structure apart from releasing The Partner’s View post on a Tuesday and my Linky post on a Saturday.

Biggest blogging pet peeve?

When I can’t find a blogger’s Twitter handle on their blog. This is really annoying for anyone running a Linky, and need their Twitetr handle to send out the next Linky reminder. Anyone reading this, please check your social media links are on your blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you would like to be part of the tag just let me know. I will then tag you on Twitter and retweet your blog post once you’ve written it.

Claire x



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