Everything You'll Need To Buy When You Purchase A New Car

Everything You’ll Need To Buy When You Purchase A New Car

Buying a car is an exciting time. When you finally pass your test it is time for you to get behind the wheel and find up independence for the first time. 

When you purchase a car there are also some other items you’ll want to purchase and keep close by. Owning a car is a task and there are many different tools and handy implements that will make life easier behind the wheel. Here is our list of essentials that you need to buy for your car this year to ensure a safer drive all year long.

  1. A Bluetooth transmitter for calls and music because you’ll want to enjoy your favourite playlist on the road 
  2. A two-port USB charger to keep your devices charged
  3. A cordless vacuum to help get those niggling little crumbs 
  4. A tyre pressure gauge to check the tyres when at home 
  5. A headlight restoration kit to ensure the headlights are clean and clear
  6. A seat cover for your pet to protect the seats 
  7. A small foldable bin for rubbish so that you can hide your Mcdonald’s wrapper
  8. AAA road kit for emergencies on the road 
  9. A keychain car escape tool for sticky situations 
  10. Tyre traction tools 
  11. A sunshade windshield cover to stop the car overheating in summer 
  12. A portable air compressor 
  13. A tyre shining kit 
  14. A touch up colour kit for when you get a small scratch and need to spruce the car up again 
  15. An air freshener to keep the car smelling new. California scents is a popular choice 
  16. A windshield cover to protect the car from snow 
  17. Activated charcoal deodorizing bags to keep the car fresh even after a takeaway 
  18. A polisher to keep your car shiny and squeaky clean 
  19. A car phone holder so that you can use your maps on the go 
  20. A carpet spray to get rid of mud stains 
  21. A heated seat cushion because why not? 
  22. A scratch remover to mend any little accidents 
  23. A car air mattress or camping trips… or if you get lost
  24. A glass cleaning tool
  25. Get a DVLA number plate because then you can come up with a cool registration plate like ‘IMGROOT’

There are so many more things you can purchase for your car that will make your life easier too. For example a blanket would be ideal for those days when you get stuck in the cold. A snow and ice removal kit is always a great idea for icy mornings. You can also consider buying something such as an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses to keep in the car so that you are always ready for any weather condition you might face. 

Now that you have this helpful list of items to buy for your car you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the road without a hitch and always be prepared for anything that comes your way!

Claire x

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