Smart Ways To Make Money When You Travel

Smart Ways To Make Money When You Travel

Money is an obstacle standing between many people and their travel dreams. While going on holiday is enjoyable, there’s no denying that it’s expensive too. Saving up money for travel is never easy, especially when going away long-term. Even after building a seemingly large travel fund, this money will begin to disappear the moment you leave home. Thankfully, there is another option – making money while you’re away. Here are six ways to make an income when you travel. 

Rent Out Your Home

When you’re away seeing the world, your house will be left unoccupied. Not only could this be a security risk, but it’s incredibly wasteful too. After all, you still need to pay any bills, even when you’re not at home. Instead of asking a friend to check the property, you should rent it out. Online platforms, like Airbnb, allow you to list your home easily, as well as establish rules for guests.

Write For Travel Sites

Blogging isn’t just a popular hobby but a popular career. Although it takes time to build up a following, making money writing is relatively easy. What’s more, many established travel websites are happy to pay for quality submissions. This means you wouldn’t even have the trouble of starting your own blog. All you would have to do is get in touch about guest blogging. 

Exercise With Local People

Regardless of where you are, there are people wanting to be healthy. This means that a fitness instructor could work from almost anywhere. While every country has different requirements, a level 3 certificate in personal training would allow you to train clients in many places. Once you have the necessary qualifications, you must market your services to attract new clients. 

Sell Any Holiday Snaps

Most people can’t resist snapping a few pictures while on holiday. Rather than keep these photos to yourself, you should look into selling them. With a keen eye and a good camera, taking quality images isn’t especially difficult. Upload these pictures to stock image sites like Shutterstock, and, if the images are approved, you will earn royalties any time someone uses them. 

Smart Ways To Make Money When You Travel

Perform In The Street

Musicians, dancers, actors, and artists can display their talents almost anywhere. This means that you can charge people to watch almost anywhere too. Because of this, you should try becoming a street performer. Performing near popular tourist attractions makes sense since there are already crowds. Before you get started, however, you should research local laws. 

Teach An English Class

Being fluent in English is a highly sought after skill. Even with no other sellable talents, knowing how to speak the language can earn you an income. After all, if you can speak English, teaching it shouldn’t be too difficult. Many non-English speaking areas are willing to pay a good wage for English teachers. There are countless opportunities available for short and long-term tutors. 

Travelling the world is certainly an expensive passion. Thankfully, with the advice above, you can make money wherever you are in the world. 

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