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Review: Looking after myself with Utmost Me

When I became a parent looking after myself was put to the bottom of the list. There were so many things to do including spending the vast majority of my time looking after two children. Not forgetting to mention work, the house and family commitments, and before I knew it I had probably only dedicated about 5 minutes to myself over the course of a year which was probably just a trip to the dentist. I’m sure that this is the same with many parents, however every now and again we do need to put ourselves first.

As a result of spending very little time on me I found that I was tired, sleep deprived, lethargic and didn’t have the mental ability to process much during the day. You know that foggy feeling – it’s very real and does exist, and often doesn’t shift until the end of the day. I found that it was worse during the first year and when I returned to work after having my daughter, and I’m now experiencing it again with my son. Sleep deprivation and the foggy feeling go hand in hand for me.

So when I was contacted by Utmost Me to test one of their products either Neuro Rest or Neuro Focus Plus I jumped at the chance. If one would work, then it would definitely make my days or nights a little easier, especially since being a working parent means I need to have a clear head to make sense of what I’m writing about.

Neuro Focus Plus capsules for breakfast

We are currently taking the Neuro Focus Plus on a daily basis, which consists of taking 2 capsules per day with food. It’s recommended that these are taken for a least 5 days a week to enable you to feel the benefit. The aim of Focus Plus is to lift that brain fog with advanced brain energy vitamins and nutrients, and here’s the science behind it:

  • It features Utmost Me Nootropic formula. You’re now probably thinking what the hell is Nootropic formula? Well it is foods or dietary supplements to support brain functions that are focus, memory and concentration. It includes ingredients such as Green Tea, Zinc, and Blackberries. (I’ve listed the better known ones here, and the full range can be found on the Utmost Me website).
  • The plant based ingredients are clinically shown to support Alpha Brain Wave activity that is responsible for creative thinking and concentration during stress.
  • It features a unique delivery and absorption system that allows the nutrients to pass the blood-brain barrier to maximise the benefits of the natural ingredients. More importantly for me it also features Brain Vitamin Complex to support brain health when working for extended periods.

I’ve been taking Neuro Focus Plus for a couple of weeks now and I do feel that I can concentrate more in the day, although I do still feel fairly tired however I think that is down to having a baby who wakes frequently at night.

The Neuro Focus Plus bottle

Which is why I might need to be taking Neuro Rest as well. This is a natural sleep aid and anxiety relief, and out of 98% of customer surveyed; 78% woke up less and 77% got to sleep faster. To benefit you the science behind Neuro Rest is:

  • It contains a sleep quality blend to reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst increasing serotonin; the feel good hormone.
  • Natural sources of melatonin are included to help regulate sleep cycles and send signals to the body saying that it is time to sleep. The blend of Montmorency Cherry, Grape Skin and Watermelon extracts contain these natural melatonin sources.
  • Lastly the ingredients included are shown to contribute to normal psychological functions to help you switch off for a good night’s rest.

Once I’ve finished taking Neuro Focus Plus, I think I’d be giving Neuro Rest a go, as I could do with some help drifting off to sleep quicker after waking frequently with a baby.

Claire x

This is a collaborative post with Neuro Rest


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