Review of beautiful Prestige Flowers
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Review of beautiful flowers by Prestige

I love flowers. Who doesn’t? They brighten up my home, bring a smile to my face, and are a brilliant way to show someone that you care. A couple of week’s ago our house resembled a florist after I had a little hernia operation, and I felt pretty sad once these flowers wilted. So when I was invited to review a bouquet of flowers from Prestige Flowers I jumped at the chance.

Looking through the Prestige Flowers website it was so difficult to choose the bouquet. There are so many flowers, so many bouquets, that they are all beautiful and so colourful. I opted for the Blue Lagoon bouquet as it’s not everyday you see gorgeous cobalt blue flowers that would look striking in our home.

When the flowers arrived I was really impressed. They arrived in a huge box, and on opening this box I was hit with the scent of lilies. The bouquet is made up of lilies, eryngium, white and Reagan chrysanthemums, and framed either side with a palm leaf. I didn’t know this on choosing, but I was very intrigued by these flowers as the chrysanthemums are professionally dyed blue to create their striking colour.

Review of beautiful Prestige Flowers

Not only did I receive a beautiful bouquet, the flowers came with a free vase and a box of truffles. The vase that came with the flowers is clear glass, but I decided to team the flowers with my bright yellow vase for contrast. As well as receiving chocolates and a vase, you can also choose to have a larger bouquet, or an accompanying teddy bear or balloon. The cost options are all clearly set out on the Prestige website, and my bouquet was £29.99.

I am very impressed with Prestige flowers, there are so many different bouquets and flowers for all occasions including birthdays, newborn gifts, Christmas, or just to show someone how much you care. I would definitely consider Prestige Flowers for all future flower purchases, and you should to.

Claire x

Review of beautiful Prestige Flowers

I was gifted this bouquet from Prestige Flowers in exchange for an honest review.



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