A BloomBox Club Review
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A BloomBox Club Review

It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy your garden. The sun is shining, and everything is coming into bloom. We have a fairly large (ish) garden for London, that is divided into a few sections. We’ve recently been doing a bit of gardening, and had an empty bed that needed some plants. So, when BloomBox Club contacted me to review their new range I couldn’t say no.

BloomBox Club is a subscription service that supplies plants to your door, it’s just like receiving a case of wine or a food subscription. Whether you have a garden, or a small urban space, Bloombox Club have a subscription that is right for you. They offer either large or small outdoor plant boxes, or even indoor plant boxes. It can be the perfect gift for a family member, someone who has recently moved to London, or someone who really wants to get started with their garden and just needs a gentle prod to get going. Flowers and plants for the boxes can be selected here.

When our BloomBox Club delivery arrived on our doorstep, I was amazed. The box was huge, it was about a metre tall and much larger than what I was expecting. I knew that there would be something special in the box. And, I was right. We received four beautiful plants. Not just any plants, but plants that are perennial, hardy and grow to a pretty decent size. In our subscription box we received:

Californian Lilac aka Ceanothus or “Cool Blue”

A BloomBox Club Review

Oriental Poppy aka Papaver orientale

A BloomBox Club Review

Umbrella Bamboo aka Fargesia murielae

A BloomBox Club Review

Vial’s Primrose aka Primula vialii

A BloomBox Club Review

I never know what plants to choose when I go to a garden centre, and BloomBox Club takes this out of your hands. All of the plants received were so pretty and are a really good quality. Planting each plant was really simple, as they arrive in individual pots that are supported with a cane, providing extra support during transit.

The other nice touch is that BloomBox Club provide a handy information card for each plant, and each card attaches to a big silver key ring. As your BloomBox Club collection grows this makes it easy to keep your plant information together as a handy reference point.

I’m really looking to seeing how these plants grow, and getting the first blue flowers on our Californian Lilac. The Umbrella Bamboo can grow up to 4 metres tall and spread to 1.5 metres, which is pretty impressive. Hopefully with all the nice weather that we are experiencing at the moment it’ll spur these plants on, along with lots of water.

As a nice touch we also received an Air Plant aka Tillandsia. I’ve never seen an air plant before, and I love it. It doesn’t need any soil to grow in, and is best left on a dry surface and sprayed with water every now and then. I’m really interested to see how this plant grows and what happens when it eventually flowers.

A BloomBox Club Review

We are really impressed with BloomBox Club and I have been raving about them to my friends and family. I love the service for delivering the plants, the plants received and the ease at the overall process. If I’m ever looking for a present for someone who loves gardening, and has everything, I would definitely consider using BloomBox Club.

And you can too. The full range of plant packages and subscriptions can be found on their website where you can purchase a small or large plant package, or an indoor package, with prices starting from £35.00. To see just how the beautiful plants you can visit BloomBox Club on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’m sure that you will agree!

Claire x

I was kindly sent a large BloomBox Club outdoor plant box is exchange for this honest review.

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