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Five ways to improve your house and home

We’ve recently moved house and since the move I’ve been constantly looking at ways that we can improve our current property. Some of these things we had in the back of our minds before we even moved in and some we are putting in place as we move through the renovation process. One thing I do know is that I can’t wait for it all to be finished, and to have a home I can be proud of. So whatever type of house you live in here are five ways that you can improve your house and home.


I am a huge fan of grey interiors with crisp white woodwork, and this is what we are striving to achieve in our current home. There are so many different shades of grey, or grey muted blue tones to create cosy living rooms and bedrooms, and this colour looks timeless set against white alcove shelving, high ceilings and Victorian fireplaces. I recently read somewhere that you should have five core colours and materials that run through your entire home, tying each room in your home together. I love this philosophy and I think it will be something that I strive to achieve.

The garden

This is an area of the home that is often improved last whilst our efforts are focused on the inside of the home. Having said that we will try to create a garden that we want to spend time in, and that our daughter and son will enjoy playing in. I am a fan of gardens that have different areas, those that have a defined patio area and play area. Trees and plants are a great way to help break up large gardens, and will act as good hiding places for toddlers playing hide and seek. I’ve also learnt that it’s good to live with your garden for a while before deciding where to place plants and outdoor garden furniture, so you can see where the sun goes. Once you are happy with your garden, GetAGardener can help you ensure your lawn and borders are in tip top condition.

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The kitchen

For me this is the heart of the home, and for us is the major part of our renovation project. It’s the place where we will spend the majority of our time, and I dream of a big open plan kitchen / diner / informal living room that opens out onto the garden. One of design aspects that we may consider as part of our kitchen extension is a kitchen island, glass window on the roof to let in a lot of light, and loads of space for our children to play.


In all houses windows are such an important feature, they need to be safe, warm and also match the style of your home. For us this is really important as they really do help to add character to a property.


There is nothing better than a quality wood floor or quality carpet running throughout the home, and that doesn’t just apply to the living areas. Having a solid wood floor or herringbone floor is something that I really would like throughout the living space. This type of flooring looks super stylish and will last for years. In the bedrooms I love having a soft (almost velvety feel) carpet under foot, which looks amazing, but is probably not the best choice when you have a toddler running around.

So those are my five top tips for improving your home, that could all be applied to your current home or your future home.

Have you recently made any changes to your home to make it work for you?

Claire x5 ways to improve your house and home

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