Money-Saving Tips For Two Of Your Family Expenses

Money-Saving Tips For Two Of Your Family Expenses

Trying to save money when you have a family in tow is no easy feat. There are all kinds of expenses that will need to be covered, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in financial jeopardy.

Thankfully, you don’t need to bankrupt yourself. It is possible to cut costs on many of your family expenses, so you will be able to preserve your family’s financial wellbeing. Take a look at our suggestions below and then leave a comment if you have any further ideas.

Expense #1: Your car

You probably use your family car on a regular basis. From school runs to family day trips, you will spend much of your time on the road. But while useful, your car comes with multiple expenses. With fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs to consider, you will see a dent in your finances.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to reduce your expenses.

  • If you don’t need to use your car, then don’t! If your children’s school isn’t far away, walk instead. This way, you will preserve both the health of your family and your finances. And if you are friends with other parents, you could take turns on the school run with them. This way, you will all save money. 
  • If your car has seen better days, it’s probably wise to replace it for the sake of your long-term finances. Despite the initial expense, you will save money down the line. And you don’t even need to spend more than you can afford, as with the financing options provided by services such as Really Easy Car Credit, you could be driving around in a more cost-effective motor in no time.
  • Remember to compare prices with all of your car expenses. Download an app to find the cheapest fuel stations, use a price comparison site for your insurance, and ring around local garages before taking your car in for an MOT or service. 

Expense #2: Food

With lots of hungry mouths to feed, your food expenses will add up. However, you can save money in various ways.

  • Create a weekly meal plan. This way, you can budget for every food item that your family enjoys eating, and you will be less likely to put items in your shopping basket that aren’t part of the plan you created. 
  • If you regularly spend a lot of money on processed foods and microwave meals, perhaps now is the time to learn how to cook a few healthy meals. This way, you will save money, as fresh ingredients are cheaper than processed options, and you will improve your family’s diet too.
  • When supermarket discount vouchers fall through your letterbox, don’t throw them away with the rest of the junk mail. Put them in your purse and remember to use them before the deadlines run out.
  • Take advantage of any special offers you see, such as 2-for 1 deals and anything labelled as ‘Buy one and get one half-price.’ However, be mindful. Don’t do this on foods your family are unlikely to eat, and be careful when buying foods with sell-by dates. You might only waste both food and money if you stock your shelves with such items. And remember that you might not be getting a bargain at all, as supermarkets can trick you into buying so-called special offers. Do the maths first, and even go for cheaper versions of the same foods, as you might get more value for your money.

There are other expenses you need to consider, of course, but I hope I have helped you with two of them. Do let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas for these or any other expenses in the comments below. 

Claire x


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