3 tips for cleaning up after a kids party

Three Cleaning Tips After A Kids Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties are always fun. Well, at least for the kids they are. If you are a parent, chances are you are dreading this experience and in particular the cleaning of the mess that will be left behind. We know that you love your children and you want them to be happy, however, we also know that a single birthday party can leave traces of stains which can last for many years in the future.

But just because you want to avoid the mess and the tough stains, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about throwing out parties for your kids. There are three simple tips for easy cleaning after kids birthday parties. If you follow these few steps, I guarantee you that your life would be so much easier and your children will be also happy.

Be ready in advance

The first and most important step is to prepare your house for the party. Every kid wants to be active and the more space for playing there is, the better for the children at the party. This is why it is a good idea to move any big furniture, especially the ones which you want to protect from tough stains. This way you will feel at ease and your children will enjoy the space for running and playing games.

Another good step to avoid any mess is to prepare one-bite sized food and snacks. Sandwiches and hard candies are good choices for any birthday party. Don’t even think about serving chocolate treats, unless you want to spend the next few years regretting your decision.

If the party you are throwing is for toddlers you may also avoid any tables. The best way is to lay a sheet or a mat on the floor and throw out a picnic themed party, says Tidy Cleaners London. Your children will love the idea and it will be less stressful for you after everything is over.

3 tips for cleaning up after a kids party

Make the party an outdoor celebration

If you can do the party outdoors. A birthday party in your garden can be a great idea both for you and your children. This way you won’t have to worry about protecting every part of your house. The after-party cleaning will be much easier and if you use disposable plates and cups, you will be finished with the most of the cleaning in no time. Most kids love to play outside and this can be a great way to make the party much more interesting for them.

3 tips for cleaning up after a kids party

Don’t waste any time after the party

I know that this sounds tiring but you shouldn’t leave the cleaning for later because the mess will just sit there and the stains will become even harder for cleaning. Grab a big plastic bag and start picking any trash from the floor or the table. Wipe any wet stains with a clean towel and spray any tough spots with a cleaning solution. This way you will be able to quickly tackle the stains while they are still fresh and easy to deal with.

If you follow these three tips, you can be known for throwing the best parties for your children and all the parents will ask you about the secret behind your clean house, which despite all the odds still looks amazing. Don’t deprive your children from having a good time with their friends just because you don’t feel like dealing with the mess afterwards. After all, I promise you that if you stick to these tricks, the whole cleaning session will be much more easier for you and you won’t feel the burden of cleaning after a whole army of highly energetic children.

What are your top tips for cleaning up after a kids party?

Claire x

Three cleaning tips for after a kids birthday party


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