The Matalan Christmas tableware in our kitchen ready for Christmas

[AD] Getting our home ready for Christmas with Matalan

Advertisement feature with Matalan. We were gifted these items in exchange for this blog post. 

Now that Halloween and Bonfire night are out of the way, I can finally start to get excited about Christmas. It feels like it is just around the corner and I know that it will be here before I know it. I am so excited about styling my home ready for the big day, and getting that all important Christmas table ready. 

For those of you who have been following our house renovation will know that I am fan of the traditional Victorian Edwardian home but with a modern twist, right down to the smaller details. Which means that our christmas styling and christmas table need to follow suit. We have been gifted all of the Christmas tableware items in this blog post, and I am really excited to be sharing with you how I’ll be styling and setting my table for Christmas Day with Matalan.

It felt right to style my table in traditional red and gold, and this stylish Christmas tableware has allowed me to do just that. I’ve mixed up tartan plates and bowls with a simple red side plate, and I love how well the styles compliment each other. Then I’ve added a touch of gold, because who wouldn’t want sparkle and glamour on their table on Christmas day? These stylish gold spot champagne glasses and Christmas tree glasses are brilliant and look great teamed with the silver tartan table runner, and gold glitter mats. 

A full shot of our table with the Matalan Christmas tableware

A flat lay view of the crockery, cutlery and glassware on the Christmas table

The children are not forgotten, they’ll be using the nice tableware too, topped off with these fun plastic milk bottles. The best thing about these is that the straw doesn’t come out, and they can be thrown onto the floor without a worry as they are plastic. The kids love them and are already wanting to use them! It’s just my floor I need to watch out for. 

In addition to this I’ll be decorating our home with a Christmas tree and loads of fairy lights. The children cannot wait and I wonder how many times I’ll be putting the baubles back onto the tree. 

The children are not forgotten with these gorgeous milk bottle cups

The Matalan Christmas tableware in our kitchen

In preparation for Christmas here are my 5 top tips for getting our home, table and family ready for the big day. 

  1. Plan ahead as far as you can now. It may sound daft but work out exactly what you need by writing a list, and putting a note in your diary when you need to get everything by. This includes; when all the presents delivered, when you need to order your turkey, when you need to get the Christmas tree etc. The list goes on and on, but as a busy Mum being organised is key and will make life a lot easier. 
  2. Wrap all the presents as far as you can in advance of the big day. This will take away any last minute wrapping or panicking that you have forgotten something, or worrying that you haven’t bought somebody enough gifts. If you have children I would also recommend that you have a good hiding place for all those gifts. 
  3. Prepare and cook any food you can ahead of the big day. I find that preparing and making any vegetables dishes or sauces in advance will save you a lot of time on the actual day. Think about chopping vegetables the night before, or even making dishes and keeping them in the freezer. Just don’t forget to take them out to give them enough time to defrost before cooking. 
  4. Christmas is always a family time for us and there is a lot of people to cater for. To help with this we ask that our family help prepare one dish or to bring the cheese and biscuits for after dinner. We also ask that everyone brings a bottle or two, as this helps to keep costs down, plus it means that the adults have their drink of choice. 
  5. Create a designated area in your home for the children to play and where they can explore their gifts away from the chaos of the kitchen. This will help to keep you happy and avoid you tripping over any stray cars, plus it should mean that their gifts stay in one place instead of being scattered all over the house. 

A close up shot of the stylish Christmas tree glasses

The champagne glasses and bowls on the island


The bowls and plates on the Christmas table

The table is set for Christmas

How are you getting you and your home organised and styled for Christmas, I would love to hear your style tips to share with my readers.

All of this gorgeous tableware plus so much more can be found on the Matalan website.

Merry Christmas!

Claire x

How to get you and your home ready for Christmas



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