Looking for childcare? Here's how childcare.co.uk can help

[AD] Looking for childcare? Here’s how childcare.co.uk can help?

As a parent of a two and a five year old one of the things I couldn’t live without is childcare, and I’m sure that many other parents will agree? The pandemic has only strengthened this for me. It was impossible to work or get anything done with my two being at home all the time, and it was a huge relief when our school and nursery re-opened in June. During this time it made me think about all the ways that I could find childcare for my children when we need it. It also reminded me how we eventually found a nursery for both my son and daughter a couple of years ago.

So if you’re looking for a childminder, a babysitter, a nursery, or even last minute childcare for your child (so you can have a much needed break) did you know that childcare.co.uk can help you.

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Here’s how. Their website is the largest childcare website in the UK with over 2 million users signed up. You need to see it as an online directory at your finger tips packed full of registered childminders, nurseries and babysitters. There are even midwives, doula’s and schools on there too, so it really is a fantastic services for all parents including parents-to-be.

When you use the website all that you need to do is to enter your postcode and select the type of service that you are wishing to use, it will then show you all of the possible nurseries, babysitters and childminders that you can select from. I like the function of being able to narrow your search by distance, which is particularly useful if you do not want to travel far to get to your childminder or nursery. In my area of London I can see 40 childminders, 5 nurseries, and 187 babysitters within a one mile radius from my home, which is a lot of choice.

Looking for childcare? Here's how childcare.co.uk can help

There are so many functions that I love about the childcare.co.uk website including being able to find more about each childminder and baby sitter on their View Profile section, which highlights their experience, skills and qualifications. Alongside this another super useful piece of information is that it states the days of the week they are available, and is broken down to include Before School, Morning, Afternoon, After School, Evening and even Overnight. This is really important if you need help with a school drop off or a couple of hours after school before you finish work.

In addition there are also reviews that other parents have written about their childminders and babysitters which is great for you when you’re making a decision on a particular person, as it’s lovely to hear someone else’s experience, hopefully providing the reassurance that you need. I also really like that the website lists out the hourly rate for each childminder and babysitter which will you with your budgeting.

Looking for childcare? Here's how childcare.co.uk can help

Lastly hiring a childminder or babysitter is really easy, it’s all arranged through the website, and payment can also be made this way too.

The childcare.co.uk website is so helpful and I would highly recommend if you’re looking for childcare support. This could be another option for you and your child for the approaching half term week, if you’re looking for an alternative to holiday clubs or trying to work around your children.

Overall the website is super easy to use, packed full of information that we as parents like. I would definitely use childcare.co.uk for booking and hiring a babysitter or for that last minute emergency childcare that is so often needed.

Claire x

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