Babies Can Sleep Anywhere

“Babies Can Sleep Anywhere” says BookBairn

We all wish that our baby will sleep before they even arrive. Sometimes we are lucky and have a sleeping baby, whereas on the flip side we could be up all night with them. Kim from BookBairn shares with us that babies can in fact sleep anywhere. 

Congratulations on your new baby! I hope you are getting lots of rest and that baby learns to sleep super-quickly for you. It’s a new mum’s dream to sleep, right?

They tell you babies can sleep anywhere! Well not in my experience! My babies only ever wanted to sleep on top of me to begin with, until I coaxed them to sleep in the pram and eventually their own beds. And now they won’t sleep anywhere else! No car naps or buggy walking naps for us!

But my own experience with napping babies made the book “Babies Can Sleep Anywhere”, by Lisa Wheeler and Carolina Buzio, all the funnier to me!

It is a delightful rhyming book that makes a perfect first bedtime story for new babies. It shares all the wonderful places that animals sleep – from high in the trees, to the depths of the ocean, to upside down in a cave but human babies aren’t quite so rustic, but when the mood strikes, they can curl up right where they are and fall fast asleep. Each rhyming phrase ends with the line – “babies can sleep anywhere” – and is accompanied by illustrations that create real magic with babies asleep in their mother’s arms, on daddy’s chest, in baby carriers, even in their high chairs.

The high contrast colours in the illustrations are perfect for little eyes as they first start to see are wonderful cosy and heart-warming. And alongside the gentle rhyme perhaps this collection of dozing animals and drowsy babies will inspire a yawn, a nod, and maybe even a nap!

I hope your new baby will sleep soundly for you. And if not don’t despair because “babies can sleep anywhere”!

Thanks Kim for sharing this wonderful book with us, fingers crossed this little man of mine will learn to sleep anywhere, and then eventually his own bed.

About Kim 

Kim lives in Scotland with her daughter, nicknamed BookBairn, son, nicknamed The Wee Page Turner, husband and much-adored pet rabbit. She has always enjoyed reading books, a passion inherited from her librarian-mother, and hopes to pass on this love of books to her little bookbairns. A teacher on career-break to spend more time with the bairns, she is passionate about baby-led reading where little ones have free to reign to choose what they read and make mountains of book mess throughout the house.

You can find Kim on her blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels. 

Claire x 

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