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1st Birthday Plans

Our daughter’s first birthday is fast approaching – it’s next weekend. I seem to be spending a lot of my time recently thinking; how is she nearly 1? Where has the last year gone? It seems like yesterday that we were in hospital with this little tiny bundle trying to breastfeed, and not being able to walk after having a c-section.

Now she is nearly 1. She is no longer a baby to me, more like a child. I struggle to remember how we spent the early days watching NetFlix, and I struggle to remember exactly what she looked like without looking at a photo.

Now everyday I see a little more of her personality shining through. She is developing at a rate of knots, and I’m sure that she will be walking soon. Today in nursery another child was crying next to her, and she turned to them, put her finger to her lips and shushed the child. My daughter has obviously paid a lot of attention to me telling her to be quiet.

To celebrate her birthday we are going to celebrate by spending the day at Wimpole Hall in Hertfordshire where there is a farm. It’s a National Trust property so hopefully it will have a nice cafe for me and Daddy, and lots of nice walks too. Fingers crossed the weather stays day.


On the Saturday we will be throwing a BBQ for the family at my parent’s house. My husband’s side of the family will be travelling down from Cheshire and it’ll be lovely for them to see my parent’s again as they haven’t seen each other since our wedding 3 years ago.

I’m already putting lists together of food and drink that we need to purchase, and putting together a little timing plan for the day. It’s all very exciting. My Mum has also ordered the cake from Waitrose, it looks lovely and I hope it tastes just as good.

Our party pack has arrived from Party Bags and Supplies this week too. The pack contains 8 x party bags, 8 cups, 8 plates, napkins and a table cloth. We choose the Owl theme, it’s pink but not too girly. I’ll be writing a review of our party pack in a couple of week’s time, so keep an eye out for that.


I’ve also been thinking about presents for my daughter. We would really love a swing to go in our garden and I’ve got my eye on the wooden swings. What’s great about this swing is that you can get a Quad Pod seat for it, perfect for a growing baby. To begin with our little one can sit in the pod seat, and then it converts to a normal swing seat for when she’s a bit older.

TP Toys Swing Set

I’ve also been looking at the Great Little Trading Company as I’ve seen a lot about this fantastic brand on other bloggers sites, their range is gorgeous and I would love a few pieces for my daughter. I particularly like the Bernie’s Number Bus and this Shape Sorting Cow which would be perfect for a 1 year old.



Our little one is already showing a love for music. She enjoys shaking rattles and shakers, and banging spoons and wooden utensils on saucepans. So a xylophone would be perfect, although she will probably still prefer the kitchen utensils and saucepan. This one at John Lewis is lovely, and has a unique touch that it can be personalised with our daughter’s name.


Speaking of kitchen utensils, and pots and pans. I would love to get my daughter her own first kitchen. She enjoys watching me doing the cooking, washing up and unloading the dishwasher, and maybe her own kitchen would teach her some essential life skills. This one by Early Learning Centre Kitchen Walker is great as it’s not too large and should also encourage her to walk too.


There are so many fantastic presents that we can get our little one, and I’m sure that she will be spoilt by family on her big day.

I hope that we all have a brilliant first birthday for my daughter, creating lots of memories together. I’ll be sure to be taking lots of pictures.

Claire x

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