3 Quick Beauty Tips for Mums

3 Quick Beauty Tips for Mums by Tattooed Tea Lady

We all need a bit of beauty and glamour in our lives, and as parents it can be really hard to find the time. Here Tattooed Tea Lady shares with us her 3 quick beauty tips for Mums, all are really simple, cost effective or even free.

Whether you’re a brand new mum or have got a couple of little ones who have kept you occupied for years, one thing I bet we all have in common is struggling to make time for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I always make sure everyone else in my family is happy and sorted, morning to night, before even thinking about myself. This means that my beauty regime leaves much to be desired, but thankfully I’ve found some super quick fuss-free ways to give myself a beauty treat, little ways to put some ‘me’ time back into my daily routine.

Keep quick and easy beauty products on your bedside table.

Or in it, if you’d prefer. Just have some products that you can quickly reach for at the end of the day before you go to sleep, that’ll work their magic overnight. It takes less than a minute to apply a product and your body and skin will thank you for it in the morning! My favourites products to reach for are ones I know will nourish and hydrate my skin overnight, like Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and Aerin Rose Hand & Body Cream for my hands, Bomb Cosmetics Tippy Toes Foot Treatment for my feet with a cosy pair of socks and a good lip balm to help keep lips soft and dry; Lanolips is especially good for overnight use.

Drink the recommended amount of water.

Sounds like a boring beauty tip, I know, but water really is amazing – not only is it essential to keep us going, but staying hydrated can make a huge difference in the way you look, the way your skin and hair feel, your overall energy and a load of other wonderful benefits. My skin always shows signs of being unhappy when I’m not drinking enough water, looking lacklustre and dull, so I like to ensure I’m drinking 2L of water a day, which makes a huge difference to my skin.

Use multi-purpose products.

Not just multi-purpose products, but products you can use whilst doing something else too. Sometimes I really don’t have 5 minutes to spare, but I still need to do something to look after myself and there’s a few products that I love for a quick beauty pamper, whilst I’m still able to get on with work or doing something around the house. The Christian Briton Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks are great to pop on whilst you get on with another job, even nicer to use when popped in the fridge before applying. No mess, quick to apply and stays put whilst you move around removes easily. In-shower body conditioners from Lush, my favourite is the recently discontinued African Paradise, which is great for moisturising whilst you’re in the shower, saving time when you get out on applying lotions and creams.

Family life can be hectic and loud and tiring and oh so very beautiful, too, but it’s important to do something for yourself and look after yourself as well as everyone else. If you’re into beauty and pampering like me, maybe these little beauty tips will mean you make a little more time for you from now on.

Thanks so much to Claire for having me guest post today, it’s been an absolute pleasure. If you want to keep up with my ramblings you can find my blog over at www.tattooedtealady.com as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all @TattooedTealady!

3 Quick Beauty Tips for Mums by Tattooed Tea Lady


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