5 Money Saving Tips for Your Home

As parents we are constantly trying to save money, I know that I am. Every penny we save is more money for savings, holidays, toys, clothes and treats for us. There are so many small changes that we can make to save money at home, none are complicated, and should have very little impact on the way that you are currently living your life. Just think about the money that you can save for putting towards that new outfit you desperately need.

Bulk or batch cooking 

I always find it really useful cooking a batch meal or a slow cooker meal at the start of the week. We usually end up cooking loads, which is then great to serve up throughout the week, or store in the freezer for a later date. One of the best things about batch cooking is often the ingredients are cheap and are usually items that you have in your fridge such as mince beef and onions, so haven’t got to pop to the shops mid-week to pick up something for dinner.

Turning the TV off standby

This is such an easy and quick thing to do, it literally takes seconds. There really is no reason why your TV needs to be left on standby when you’re not watching it. By turning if off properly can save you a few pennies a day, and over a year that could add up to a few pounds.

Outdoor Activities

There are so many ways to cut costs on outdoor activities such as sandpits and water activities. Instead of purchasing branded sand pits we simply bought a large under the bed storage container on wheels, that comes with a lid from our local DIY store, and filled that with sand. Our daughter doesn’t know the difference, and the lid keeps the sand dry, plus the wheels make it really easy to move around the garden. You can also do the same for water activities too!

Check your boiler

You could be wasting hundreds of pounds on heating bills from your boiler. It’s always best to check how efficient it is, and understand how much you could be saving. This handy tool by Homeserve Heating can tell you just that. You never know you could be saving enough money on heating bills to take the family on holiday.

Wear more clothes

This might sound daft, but it’s a great way to cut down on heating your home as we approach Autumn or Winter. I always feel the cold, and when I was younger my Mum would always say to me “put a jumper on” and she’s right. If you feel cold, just put a jumper on or purchase a stylish wool wrap. Another top tip is to get up and do something, as sitting around can often make us feel cold too. So clean the bathroom, or hoover the living room, that will certainly make you feel a little warmer.

So there you have it, my 5 money saving tips for around the home. As you can see all are really simple. I hope that by doing some or all of these, you start to see your household bills reduce.

Do you have any top tips for saving money around the house?

Claire x


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