Why I'm Not Beach Ready

Why I’m Not Beach Ready

Every year before we go on holiday I will buy new outfits, have my hair done, paint my nails, paint my toe nails, maybe even fake tan. This year something different has happened. I’ve not done anything. I’m not at all prepared, and I am definitely not beach ready.


Time. I feel that in the run-up to this holiday there’s been no time. The holiday season has literally crept up on me and suddenly it’s here. Although I’m at home most of the week, I’ve been so busy, putting other things first, that I’ve hardly dedicated a moment to myself. So this year I not beach ready.

What I really should have done is gone for a run every day in the lead up to holiday, it might have made my stomach look slightly better as two years after having a baby it’s still not back to what it was. I should have used some scar cream to reduce my hernia op scar above my belly button. I should have been to the hairdressers to have my hair lighted so that it’s no longer a two-tone of mousy brown and blonde. I should have spent time painting my nail and toe nails. 

But do you know what I don’t really care, I’ll be with my daughter, husband and family, who won’t be judging. It’ll just be me feeling paranoid and wishing I had made more of an effort. We will still do everything we would normally do on holiday, we will still go to the beach, sit by the pool, eat delicious tapas and paellas, and drink Rioja and Estrella. 

I need to remember that my body has birthed a human and that’s what matters. We go on holiday to relax and chill out, and to escape from our daily lives. Not to parade ourselves.

But have I just let myself go? I hope not. I still wear nice clothes, wear make-up and have managed to paint my nails and toe nails during the holiday. I look after myself and make sure I eat the right foods, and take the right vitamins. 

I still wouldn’t say I’m beach ready, but I’m definitely ready for a break from the day-to-day life in London, and to spend time with my family which is what a holiday is all about for us. 

What do you do in the run up to a holiday? Are you busy getting yourself toned and tanned, or are you a bit like me? 

Claire x 



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