Arts and Craft Ideas For Toddlers This Spring

Arts and Craft ideas for toddlers this Spring

My daughter loves doing Arts and Crafts at home. It could be painting, drawing, sticking, colouring and printing shapes from cut in half potatoes. It’s all very simple in our household, as she is only two, however I can see years of more complicated Arts and Crafts ahead of us.

Doing Arts and Crafts with your children is a fantastic way for them to unleash their creative side, whilst letting you get on with a few chores at home. It is a brilliant activity to do on a rainy day, or when you need a break from a garden on a sunny day, or when you are having one of those days when no one feels like leaving the house.

We have recently been doing a fair few bits of Arts and Crafts on a daily basis, and I think that our little one has grown a fondness for it at nursery. So here are some easy and simple Arts and Craft ideas that you can do at home with your toddler.

Toddler painting with shapes

Simple painting

This is really easy to do and doesn’t require too much prep. All that you need is some large sheets of paper and paint. Squeeze the paint into separate containers, so that the colours don’t run into each other, and allow your child to get on and paint. Our toddler loves to paint her hands at the moment, and stamp these onto the paper. You could make some really interesting pictures here that may be nice enough for you to frame for their bedroom.

Colouring on large sheets of paper

Another really simple activity that involves some input from you is to draw a scene on a really large sheet of paper for them to colour in. We have a roll of drawing paper, and I simply tear off about 1 metre and draw a scene or lots of different shapes on it. Your child will love to colour this in, and it should keep them busy for a while too! It’s also a great way for your child to start getting to grips with colouring within the outline of a shape as well.

Paper Mache

If you’re feeling brave enough you could try doing paper mache with your child. What you will need here is either some sturdy card or a shape to cover. Cut out lots of small square shapes of tissue paper and allow your child to stick these to the card or the shape with PVA glue. This will be messy and your child will end up with very gluey hands, just make sure you catch them before they start trying to wipe it off on the furniture.

My toddler doing Arts and Crafts at home

Sticker Books

You really can’t go wrong with a simple sticker book for a toddler, and there are plenty that you can buy in The Works Spring Sale. My daughter loves a sticker book, so much so that she completes it all in one day. But they are such a great activity for toddlers to help develop their hand eye co-ordination, as well as recognising where different shapes are to be placed.

Those are just four very simple Arts and Crafts ideas that you can do with your toddler this Spring. I know that as my daughter gets older she will want to do more complicated things, but for now she is happy with simply painting her hand, or drawing in a colouring book.

What are your favourite Arts and Crafts activities to do with your toddler? I would love some more inspiration.

Claire x

Simple Arts and Craft Ideas for Toddlers

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