What will you do when lockdown ends?

What Will You Do When The Lockdown Ends?!

It’s fair to say that this is one of the strangest times that we have lived through. Life has changed so much that it might actually be frightening for some. At first it seemed as though spirits were high, but now that we’re going into the 8th week, the idea of it all is wearing off and patience is wearing thin. This can definitely be said for all of the fellow parents reading this. If you’re a parent and you have been furloughed, or you are a parent who works at home, you will have been in the house with your children for many weeks now, and some families are definitely beginning to crack. That’s simply because as hard as this is for us, it’s even harder for your children who are so used to the life that they were living. Playing outside, going to school, going to different clubs. Trying to keep a whole household entertained is hard, but one thing you can do is plan what to do when the lockdown is over. Have great plans to look forward to because we know that you will all have a new appreciation for life. Keep on reading and I’ll show you what you might want to be doing when this is all over. 

Kids Classes

One of the first things to focus on is what you can do to get your kids back into the swing of getting up and being in a normal life routine. By the time that can happen, it’s going to be very hard for your children to jump right back to normal. But one thing your kids are always going to want to do is something fun and exciting, and hopefully they’re into different classes and clubs. Making sure your kids go to different classes is so important for building their social skills, building their personal skills, and allowing them to have an outlet to do something they enjoy. Why not consider something like dance classes for children and see if that’s something they like? It doesn’t have to be a sporty sports class for it to be good for them. It doesn’t have to be sports at all, in fact, it could be an arts and crafts class that they take a liking to. A bonus for us parents is that it usually gives us an hour or two of free time! 

The Simple Things In Life

Make sure that you take the time to enjoy the simple things in life, just like you have been made to now. So many people are now walking for miles a day, cycling, running, and just getting out in the fresh air because that’s all there is to do. But it’s a simple pleasure in life that many of us will have come to love, so don’t give up on that. Make sure you take the time to get out as a family and go for a walk to the park, you could even take some games with you! 

Get Out & See The World

Finally, make sure you’re making plans to get out and see the world when it opens again. Take your family all over to have a variety of experiences, try not to stick to the all-inclusives once we are able to fly again. 

What will you be doing once lockdown is over?

Claire x

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