Transforming Your Garden into an Extra Room

Transforming Your Garden into an Extra Room

If you are looking to extend your home, then instead of spending a small fortune on a regular extension, why not make better use of the space that is yot garden instead? There are lots of things you can do to transform your garden from a humble yard space into an exciting, and fi national new “room” for all the family, as you will see below…

People in glass houses have more fun

Let’s start with the belle of the ball, a glass room! Now, don’t scrunch your face – I’m not suggesting you live in a greenhouse. Modern glass houses are more like super sophisticated conservatory spaces that add real space and value to your home. These garden structures provide you with the perfect space from which to set up a table and chairs and have amazing views of your garden while you relax, all whilst keeping you safe from the elements. Whether you use them as a dining room, reading space, or office, you will never need to worry about not having enough room again, In fact, your glass house is likely to become your favourite space of all.

A wooden cabin is wonderful

If you are looking for a room that gives you a bit more privacy than the average glass house can afford, then why not invest in a rustic cabin for your garden space instead? Not only will it function as an additional room for projects like crafting or painting, or maybe even as a home office, but it will also add a certain natural charm to your space by making the garden feel a lot more like a cosy rural getaway. B sure to insulate your cabin, add a space heater, and some natural wood furniture, not to mention a cosy Afghan blanket and some cushions, and it will be the comfiest place to find some more space.

Glamping can be done in the garden

If you are looking to create some extra living space in the garden, but you don’t want to erect a semi-permanent structure – you want the flexibility to create an extra room when you need it, but remove it when you want more actual garden to enjoy – then a teepee or yurt is the ideal solution. These days, yurts, teepees, and the like, are very high-end and professionally made. In fact, you can install yurts that have all the creature comforts from wood burners to real beds, so whether you’re looking to create an outdoor reading nook or a spare room for guests, this is one option that will never disappoint.

An outdoor kitchen is really cookin’

Outdoor kitchens are pretty much exactly what they sound like – garden spaces that have been equipped with cooking apparatus, bars, and workspaces, so you can cook pretty much anything you would indoors. If your indoor kitchen is cramped, they can be a great addition to give you more space and more options when cooking for the family.

Time to make more room in the garden!

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