7 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Walls

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Walls

The majority of your kitchen walls are likely to be taken up by cabinets. But what about those bare sections of wall in your kitchen? What is the best way to decorate these spaces? This post offers 7 ideas. 

Exposed brick

An exposed brick wall is great for giving your kitchen a rustic touch. It can work well in just about any type of kitchen from a city apartment kitchen to an old rural house kitchen. You can fake an exposed brick wall by using brick wall panels that are stuck onto the existing wall. Alternatively, you can physically rip away the plaster and reveal the brickwork below (this is a little more work and you’ll need to seal it after to help preserve the wall). 


Tiles can help to protect your walls from moisture damage and they’re also easy to clean food debris from (check out these spring cleaning & tile cleaning hacks). They’re commonly used as a splashback at the back of the worktop, but you can use them on other walls as decorative features. There are so many different styles of tiles to choose from ranging from small mosaic tiles to large 2x2ft tiles, and it’s best to work out exactly which style is right for your kitchen.

Small pictures

For decorating those small gaps and alcoves in your kitchen, consider hanging small pictures on the walls. You can even place these on the wall between the countertop and cabinets or even on the wall over cabinets. This could include single photographs in frames or small paintings. Food-themed artwork is particularly suitable for kitchens. 

A chalkboard

A chalkboard could be a fun way to spice up a wall. You can write your own custom decorative messages on this or use it for practical purposes such as planning out meals throughout the day or writing recipes on it. The advantage of chalkboards is that you can keep changing what’s written on them.

Vintage signs

If you want to give your kitchen a vintage flavour, why not add a few vintage cafe or diner signs on the walls? You can find lots of vintage replica signs online – some of which may even be customisable. Alternatively, you can try looking around antique shops, second hand stores and car boot sales for authentic vintage signs. 

A clock

Adding a clock to a wall could help you to keep track of the time while cooking. It could also serve as a fun decorative feature. You could opt for a basic clock design or perhaps something more quirky. A large clock can be a great way to fill a large empty wall.

Ornamental plates

Got some plates that are too precious to use? Why not use them as an ornamental feature on a wall? This guide explains exactly how to hang plates on walls. You can also hang other kitchen-related items on walls such as antique pots and pans or placemats – it’s better than having that unused crockery gathering dust in a cupboard.  

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