8 Ways to make an old home feel new

8 Ways to make an old home feel new

Interior design does not always mean creating a house that fits in with the current trends. It is more about honouring the character and personality of your old house and preserving it. However, there are many ways you can keep the quirkiness of your home and make it shine through in a way that makes your home feel upgraded and new. These tips will help you make your old home feel new.

Paint it all the same

One of the best ways to hide imperfections around your home and make it feel cohesive and clean is by painting the walls, the ceiling, and the skirting boards in the same colour. Not only does this help preserve the old skirting boards but will also highlight them in the best way possible. By using subtly glossy paint in the same colour, you can make your trims shine through and call attention to them. We suggest using natural and neutral colours to draw attention to the architectural details rather than overshadowing them. Make everything look harmonious by choosing a bold and dark colour for your doors.

Pick a Key Feature

Pick something as the focal point of the room that will make it stand out. This can be anything! If you have an old house, then the chandeliers and fireplaces are good places to start at. By making them the focal point, you preserve them and give them the attention they require. Using vintage colours on or around these pieces can give them the modern vintage feel that will add to their details. The idea should be to upgrade the place rather than change it.

Use contrast 

Using contrast is one of the best ways to highlight the best features of your home. If your old skirting boards are in good shape, paint them in a contrasting colour from the walls. This will not only draw attention to them but will also help break the monotonous colour. You can take it a step further and paint the ceiling the same colour as the trims to make the architecture look more balanced. Try using neutral or dark neutral colours rather than super vibrant colours that might make it overwhelming.

Make technology look clean

One of the easiest ways to make your old home feel new is by making your technology look clean. You can do this by hiding all the cables for your television in the living room or any appliances in your kitchen. When doing your living room, wall mounting your television will make it easy to hide those wires and make the place look bigger (since you won’t need the tv shelving unit anymore). It will add just the right amount of new and trendy in your home to make it feel upgraded. You can contact professionals to wall mount your TV aerial installation London by clicking here. Alternatively, you can buy cable hiders, though, they may not give you as clean of a look.

Use drapes

If you have weird window angles, which is very common in old homes, you can use drapes to cover them up. A wall full of drapery will make your room feel clean and add a textural element all the while concealing the weird window angles. This will not block off any light either and would rather make your old home feel new. Drapes can also add a bold element to your room if you choose to go with a contrasting or vibrant colour for your curtains. While contrasting neutrals will make your place look polished, vibrant colours will add brightness.

Mix interior design styles

Mixing interior designs that are complementary to each other, like modern and contemporary or minimalism and biophilic. However, if you have an old home with a lot of older furniture, maximalism might be perfect for your home. Maximalism is all about design and features colours whilst displaying your loved and prized possessions. The opposite of minimalism, Maximalism when mixed with a contemporary interior design, can add to the aesthetic of your old home.

Break rooms into parts

By breaking your room into different zones, you can make even the unworkable places work. Old homes usually have weird spaces that may be difficult to design. This includes long narrow rooms, open rooms and so much more. You can use rugs to break out the zones and make them workable. Dividing a long rectangular room into various square zones may make it easier to work with.

Use wallpaper

Wallpaper on one wall is the easiest way to draw attention and give your room a focal point. It will add texture and vibrance depending on the kind of wallpaper picked. Using nature-inspired wallpapers is the easiest way to work with the vintage aesthetic of your home all the while making it look new and upgraded.

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