October Highlights
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October Highlights

It’s nearly the middle of November and I have just realised that I’ve not written my October highlights post. Traditionally October for me marks the start of Autumn, when the leaves on the trees change colour, the mornings become darker and the clocks go back. This month has been a fairly quiet month for us as a family compared to September. Here’s a little recap of what we got up to over the past 30 days.


  • We spent a weekend back in Cambridge at the start of the month visiting my parents, and seeing my brother and sister. We purchased a gorgeous chocolate and salted caramel cake from a local London cake baker called Cat Food Cakes. My entire family were really impressed with the cake, and the delicately stacked pretzel and rolo topping survived the car journey from London to Cambridge.
  • There’s also been a few trips to a new pub about 15 minutes walk from our house. We enjoyed sitting outside in their beer garden in the early October sunshine, whilst our little one enjoyed seeing all the flowers. Later in the month I got to sample their roast dinners when my parents visited for the weekend.
  • We also enjoyed a long walk around Greenwich Park in the sunshine taking in the view of the London skyline.

Cat Food Cakes

Greenwich Park


  • Like last month I’ve had a few nights out. I’ve been out with the girls for dinner after work. We went to the Blue Print Cafe which has spectacular views of Tower Bridge at night. Each of us had a 3 course meal with a glass of bubbly to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’ve also been out for dinner and drinks with a friend in East Dulwich, and had a night out with my work colleagues too. So it’s been a busy month for going out, I can almost say that I’ve been out every week 🙂
  • I’ve also decided that I would go from full-time to part-time at work. From the start of November I will now be doing 4 days a week to spend more time with our daughter. The projects that I’m working on are great, I just need more of a Mum-Work life balance now that our daughter actually wants to do stuff.

Our Daughter

  • We are still no closer to our daughter walking unaided, however she can now walk with a toy walker. We have a range of different types of walker at home, and she can walk with her wooden block walker that is pretty quick. After a few trips up and down the hallway she was pretty pleased with herself.
  • She has also discovered that she can climb the stairs which is an endless source of fun. She can quickly and easily get to the top step and into her room. Note to self, that we must get a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs now.
  • We also won our first ever eBay bid with the purchase of a Micro Mini scooter. We were in John Lewis in Bluewater a few weeks ago, and our daughter loved scooting along on it. I didn’t want to pay full price for one, so my husband hunted one down on eBay and we managed to bag it. We’ve had a few test runs in the park, she just needs to get the hang of scooting herself along.



  • It’s been a busy month for reviews, I’ve trialled and tested the Bambella Car Seat Protector, some fab products from the Fred range, and the Dribble Stop Top.
  • You might have also noticed that I’ve updated my blog theme. I updated it to a pigdig theme and I’m really pleased with this. It still keeps the core identify of The Pramshed, but now looks a lot more premium, clean and simple which is what I wanted.
  • I’ve also been running my Instagram account for just over a month now, and have managed to grow my followers by over 100 people in October.
  • Lastly I’m finding Facebook a slow-burner in terms of increasing the number of “likes”. Any top tips with Facebook would be great? Although I have noticed that since being part of a Facebook commenting pod, I’ve seen my views and likes increase.

Bambella Designs Car Seat Protector

Dribble Stop Top

Fred. Making mealtimes fun

I hope you enjoyed reading. What have you been doing this month, I would love to hear from you.



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