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Why love Thai food?

Hands up if you love Thai food? I know that I do. It’s a cuisine that I could honestly eat every single day. I love the combination of sweet and sour, mixed with hot and spicy, along side the huge array of dishes to suit your tastebuds. Thai food can range from curries to noodles and to soups. So why love Thai food?

I’ll tell you why. Ever since we booked our honeymoon to Thailand I was already dreaming about the food. I was excited that every day for two weeks I would be able to eat Thai food for lunch and dinner, and maybe even for breakfast (although that is taking it to an extreme).

Enjoying Thai food

One of my favourite dishes is a Thai curry. Be that a green, red, yellow or massaman curry. I love the combination of the tender meat (often chicken) combined with unusual vegetables and a hot chilli. All that cooked in a rich coconut sauce with Thai sticky rice. Just writing about this dish is making me feel really hungry and taking me back to long dinners on the beach during our honeymoon.

However the Thai’s not only specialise in the Thai curry. There is also Pad Thai noodles and Tom Yum soup (to name a few) all of which have their own separate tastes. So if it’s not a curry you’re after, there is bound to be something to suit you.

Chiang Mai noodles

If you’re travelling to Thailand this year then make sure you also check out the food stalls. You will find these on pretty much every street corner in every city, town or resort. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are bustling with them, and it is where you can find traditional Thai food, eaten by locals, at really low prices. I can remember the smell from these, and that hot waft of air you feel whilst walking past them.

Another reason to love Thai food is that it is so fresh and fairly easy to cook. There are many cookery schools you can attend for the day that are run by local people. You may take a trip to a local market to collect your ingredients, learn more about Thai food, and then you’ll be invited back to cook a feast. Often the food you cook will be varied and include a range of Thai delicacies including spring rolls, a Thai curry, Chiang Mai noodles and a sweet dessert. All of which are delicious and very filling, especially when you’re on your fifth course washed down by a Singha beer.

Freshly cooked spring rolls

The Thai’s also know how to put on a great breakfast and this will vary depending on where you staying. During our honeymoon we were treated to beautiful breakfasts of everything you could imagine including English, American and a traditional Thai noodle breakfast. I always find it a great experience to try something a bit different for breakfast, and because of the range of food available we were able to do this every day.

Everywhere you visit in Thailand will be able to provide you with a traditional authentic Thai food experience. Whether you are staying in a hotel, a hostel, or camping in the mountains, visiting Bangkok, or one of the many islands including a trip to Phuket with Destination2, the Thai’s certainly know their stuff when it comes to cooking.

Fresh limes for Thai cooking

Thai food is definitely something to be taken seriously, especially those spicy Thai curries. Never under estimate the power of a Thai chilli. I’ve had a Thai curry so hot that I’ve lost feeling in my face. So do watch out if you’re not a huge fan of a really spicy curry, or asked for the spice to be toned down a little.

So those are the reasons why I love Thai food. I hope that this post has got your taste buds watering as much as mine are right now?

Claire x

What's to love about Thai food

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