My daughter at 32 months old on Tenby Harbour Beach

You at 32 months

Wow! 32 months old! When did that happen? Truth be told, this last month has passed by in a blink of an eye. It only feels like yesterday since I published your 31 month update. And, that is probably to do with the fact, that we have been very busy. We had the house move, weeks of unpacking, a trip to Wales, and some key milestones in your life. If time is passing as quick as it is now, it’ll be no time before your little brother arrives. But for now, back to you, here’s a look at what you have been doing at 32 months old.

  • Potty training is going really well. So well, that I think we may have cracked it. Apart from an accident every now and again, we are now into week 5 (or 6) of potty training. Nappies are a thing of the past except for bedtime, and you now tell me at home when you need to go to the toilet. You still need to get used to telling the nursery staff when you need to go, so they are not having to take you every hour.
  • The sides are off the cot. This has caused me a few nightmares, and has made bedtime slightly more challenging. We took the side off when you decided to climb out during your nap, and show us how you did it. The only problem is bedtime is taking a long time. You want all your toys in your room and are constantly looking for an excuse to go downstairs. It is improving, but not without its challenges, or going to bed without a pot full of raisins.
  • I mentioned the house move last month, and you have coped so well with it. Far better than what I expected. I think it may be because you have so much more space to run around, and I now have so much more for your toys. It’s also great to be able to keep most of your toys in your bedroom, rather than the living room.
  • Each week you go to Little Kickers, and your Daddy tells me that each week you are getting better and better. You can now jump and kick the ball at the goal. This is great to hear, and you often show us at home by jumping around the living room and kicking a football under our bed.
  • I know that I talk about your talking in each of these posts, but it really is fantastic. In the last month it has really come on, and we can now have (what I would call) a proper conversation. Each day you surprise me with new words and sayings, and I wonder where that came from. This week you asked me where your ears came from, as though you had only just discovered them.
  • You are starting to enjoy doing Arts and Crafts, much to my hindrance. I don’t mind it really, it’s just the mess that you make and then having to tidy it up afterwards. Being a Bostik Blogger has helped with your love of Arts and Crafts, although I’m not sure why you want to paint your entire hand over and over again.
  • Last weekend we took a trip to Zippos Circus on Blackheath and you loved it. I have never been to a circus before and I had no idea what to expect. You loved seeing the horses and the acts, and I think sitting on the front row really made it. You were captivated throughout and I would love to take you to the circus again.
  • Lastly we enjoyed a short break to Tenby at Easter, and you got to visit your favourite place; the harbour beach. It was lovely to see you running around, falling in the mud, building sandcastles and covering your face in ice cream. You also had your first ever Easter Egg hunt, and enjoyed following the magic fairy trail at Picton Castle.

It’s been a brilliant month and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been fairly testing at times, and I don’t think that being 32 weeks pregnant and tired has helped. I know you may get frustrated by this, but in a few months time I should be able to run around the garden with you in the sunshine, and you can dote on your new baby brother.

Mummy x


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