How to travel much more in the coming years

How to Travel Much More In the Coming Years

We all have responsibilities in our life, and that means that we don’t always have as much time as we’d like to do things that we love. Take travelling, for example. For people who love exploring new places, there would be no better life than to set sail and see other countries and destinations as often as possible. Alas, that’s not always possible. There are money issues, limited time, and other logistical issues that prevent us from adventuring. But there are things you can do to change this. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips that’ll have you seeing more of the world in the coming years.

Travel by private jet

You may be wondering how much does it cost to fly a private jet? This is obviously a luxurious way to travel and most of us would only dream about this. However it could be a good way to get from A to B on routes where most of the commercial airlines do not travel, or it’s an alternative way to get to a destination you’re wishing to visit that is not an operated flight route from your nearest airport.

Travel Savings Pot

For most people, the biggest obstacle to travelling by far is the money factor. When you’ve got a family, you’re not just paying for yourself, you’re paying for everyone, and that can quickly add up to a small fortune. As a lump sum, the money involved will look substantial, but there is another way: spread the costs. If you add a small amount of cash to your travel fund each month, you’ll find that the pot is at a decent amount relatively quickly. If you’re notoriously bad at transferring money to a savings pot, then make it an automatic direct debit instead.

Local Travel

You don’t need to board a plane to travel. Anything that has you exploring can be considered a travel adventure! As such, take a look at visiting places nearby to your home. The cost of flights to other parts of Europe might look appealing, but it’s worth remembering that there’s so much more than you’ll need to spend. For example, the cost of luggage, transport to the hotel, the hotel rooms, and so on. Because you’re staying in a country where you know the costs/how things work, it’s usually cheaper to take a trip within the UK than it is to explore elsewhere.

Visiting Friends and Family

Sometimes, inspiration relating to where you should travel dries up. Or even if you do have an idea, the energy and time needed to plan the trip can be tiring. To get around these issues and continue travelling, take a look at visiting any friends and family that are living abroad. Most people know at least one person living in a different country; why not pay them a visit? They’ll likely be happy to put you up in their home for free, and they’ll also be able to show you how to have a good time without spending much money. They are locals, after all.

Budget Options

If that’s not an option, then take a look at more affordable travel destinations. You might want to spend your time, say, exploring New York, or hiking the mountains of Norway, but it’ll set you back a fair amount of cash. There are plenty of affordable but exciting options out there. Eastern Europe, for example, has scenery that can rival more or less anywhere in the world, yet costs significantly less than other parts of the world. Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, there’ll be somewhere in Europe that provides a great experience without the high costs attached.

Set up a Base

For some people, it’s not the money that prevents them and their family from travelling. It’s the logistics. It takes a long time to find a hotel, build a plan, and do all other pre-travel tasks that are essential if you’re going to have a fun trip. One way to get around all of these logistical headaches is to set up a base overseas. If you have a place in another country, you’ll simply be able to board a flight, and arrive at your travel destination with ease. It’s recommended that you pick a place that is close by to other destinations, so you can side-trips when you’re there. A good option for this is Singapore. Take a look at a spacious hdb for sale, and you won’t just have all of Singapore on your doorstep, you’ll also have Thailand, Malaysia, and others, too. Plus, you’ll be able to create a homey feeling that you just can’t get in hotels.

How to travel much more in the coming years

Using Your Time

The UK does have a relatively generous holiday allowance compared to the rest of the world, but it never quite feels like enough, especially since we need to take days off throughout the year for non-travel reasons. One way to extend the number of days you spend travelling is to make the most of bank holidays and the like. On a four day weekend, it’s more than feasible that you could visit an overseas country.

Working Options

If you’re one of those lucky people who have more time off than most, then take a look at volunteering overseas. There are websites where you can talk to people who can put you up for free, and give you meals, in exchange for a few hours of work. This gets you travelling, having new experiences, and it costs next to nothing, too. When you don’t always want to be making a list of things to do and so on, it’s a fantastic option to have. You’ll see the destination you’re visiting through different eyes than most visitors, and you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

Day Adventures

What do we mean when we say travelling? It has to mean more than simply spending the night somewhere else. If you’re on an adventure, and exploring somewhere you don’t know so well, then you’re at least in the spirit of travelling, if not actively engaging in it. One way to invoke this spirit is to have day adventures with your family. Get in the car, and go visit a local site. You’ll be able to have something of a travel experience every weekend, if you so wish.


Finally, remember this, our life reflects our priorities. If you want to travel more, then put it to the top of your list. You’ll find that you travel much more.

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