Utah landscape

My dream family adventure to Utah, United States

Whenever I think of going on holiday to the United States I think of New York, Disneyworld or California. However there is so much more to the United States than just those places for families. The inland states of America offer so much that it’s pretty much impossible to ignore them. And that’s why we have set our sights on a family adventure to Utah and here’s why.

There is so much to offer

As a lover of the great outdoors, all Utah vacations have pretty much everything to offer us as a family. From stunning landscapes where we can ski and climb mountains, to red rocks for stunning photos, and to riverside beaches where we can relax and take in the beauty around us.

Some of the places that we would love to visit include Brian Head Rock where my husband and I could enjoy a spot of skiing, and maybe even introduce our daughter to the sport. Ever since we first went skiing in France a number of years ago, I have always wanted to do it again year after year, but sadly since having children it’s not been at the top of agenda, nor practical.

Whilst being in this part of Utah I would love to visit the Zion National Park perfect for walking, driving and camping, where I can see the stunning red cliffs and the river running through it to the Emerald Pools. It all sounds absolutely amazing, and I would love to spend a few days here, feeling like you are a million miles away from the civilisation of the busy towns and cities.

Utah landscape

Sticking to the stunning landscapes which bring to life a film set, Utah is famous for its rock formations, and I would love to see the red rocks of the Wilson Arch and Newspaper Rock, and the sandy beaches of the San Juan River where we can also take a trip on a raft or canoe. As a family this would be a dream to do, and see these once in a life time destinations, and actually put ourselves onto that film set. Plus my daughter would love to run around in the open space, and it feels like Utah has so much potential to do this.

I would also love to visit Bluff Fort which is a lovingly restored site, and find out why the pioneers originally arrived at Bluff Fort from the San Juan River, and to see what life would have been like in 1880s. This looks to make a really interesting day out, and is a good experience to learn a little bit about Utah’s history.

As you can see all these destinations would be a trip of a lifetime for us a family, and create some everlasting memories that I’m sure we would be talking about for a long time. Utah has so much to offer for anyone, and can suit the wants and needs to any family.

Utah landscape

Where would we stay? 

We would love to have a combination of staying in the great outdoors by camping and really getting to grips with nature, and staying in beautiful self catering villas and apartments. Both options would offer stunning scenery either in the mountains or in the national part itself. I can imagine cosy log fires and delicious cooked meals, and enjoying a beer at the end of a long day exploring the stunning landscape.

Anywhere that we stay would need to be child friendly and we would be looking for somewhere that had easy access and obviously the ability for our daughter to have her own space as well.

How would we do it?

Utah is really accessible from the UK, and there are many flights that serve Salt Lake City from London Heathrow. On arriving in Utah and depending on our itinerary we would most likely travel by car and have our road-trip planned out well in advance.

It is possible to do a 7 day road trip around Utah taking in all the sites that I mention above, however I would like longer especially since having a child everything seems to take twice as long.

Whenever I think of an American road trip I think of long desert highways where you can see for miles in the distance, with mountains in front of you, or strange rock formations either side of you, and that is what Utah is all about.


Utah landscape at sunset

When would we go to Utah?

We would need to visit Utah when it’s not boiling, boiling hot. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Utah, as during the Summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees which is super hot. I know that I wouldn’t want be walking or camping in that heat. The best time to see the colours of the Zion National Park are in Autumn. So with this in mind I would be considering a holiday to Utah in Autumn which should allow us to see the best of the state, in a comfortable climate as well.

Would we go to Utah?

Yes! Like I said at the beginning of this post, Utah doesn’t seem like an obvious destination. However there is so much to do and so much to see. Plus it’s really accessible from the UK and we can see most of the state and it’s stunning scenery during a week long road trip.

So for any family seeking a sense of adventure and somewhere different to go to on holiday, then take a look at Utah.

Claire x

Our dream family adventure to Utah


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