Laptop, coffee and notebook are things required for a blogger

Why I write this blog of mine

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about my blog. Since the start of the year I’ve been wondering about the direction it is going in and how I can really make it work for me. The last four months of 2017 saw a turning a point in getting brands to notice me, I saw a steady increase in income, and I was loving writing and promoting my posts. However writing this blog is not just about the money it could bring in, there are so many other benefits and positives of why I write this blog of mine. So if anyone is wondering about why I bother to write daily, or how I still manage to write this blog after 2 years, here’s why:

It makes money

When I first started my blog in January 2016, it wasn’t started to make money. In fact at the time I didn’t realise you could make money from blogging. I started it as a hobby and to give me something to do whilst I was maternity leave. However as the months and years ticked by, and my social channels started increasing, and my blog posts were being read by more and more, and my DA grew, it started to be recognised by brands and PRs. At first I had no idea what to charge or to charge anything at all, and I initially turned to the trusty Facebook groups for advice. But now I have weekly emails landing in my inbox asking for my rates, and blog posts agreed for X amount of money. It’s taken time to get here, but the money is one of the reasons why I continue to work hard with this blog.

It’s a live CV

Having just graduated from the Digital Mums course and now seeking a job in social media management, my blog and social channels are my live CV. Any companies and brands wishing to work with me, can see that my stuff is constantly being updated, that I am sharing content, and I am engaging with people. This is ultimately what they want and need for their business. So it’s best that I continue to show them what I can do, and the blog and my social channels is just one way of doing that.

Laptop, coffee and notebook all things required for a blogger

I love the creative output

I love being able to think daily about my posts, and what to write next. I love promoting my posts in different ways, and testing out different wordings, hashtags and times of posting, to see what works best. I also really enjoy working on my imagery and making assets for each blog post. Yes, my photography skills could do with improving, but I love that I have the reason to do that. Blogging can be creative as you wish, and I love that I have control over it.

It gives my something to do

This blog was set up when I was on maternity leave, when I was itching to be doing something else other than looking after a baby. In fact it was my husbands idea. He probably regrets it now when I’m glued to my laptop or phone. But it gave me something to do, and something to focus on. It allowed me to keep building my skills whilst being on maternity leave, and showed my current employer that I didn’t just sit at home with a baby for 12 months. Even now it fills my daughter’s nap time, and the days when she is in nursery. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

It offers me flexibility

My blog can be worked on from anywhere, and that’s not just anywhere in my home. I can work on it from the coffee shop down the road, on holiday, or even whilst tapping away in the middle of the night on my phone when an idea comes to mind. I really appreciate the flexibility it offers me and doesn’t mean that I’m chained to a desk working the 9 to 5. I can literally work on it where I want and when I want, and that is one of the lucrative things about blogging, and another one of the reasons why I do it.

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It’s mine

Lastly it’s mine. For me this is really important and a huge reason why I blog. It’s my space on the Internet, and it’s my opportunity to get my voice heard. It’s my way to make money, and I’m really proud that my writing does actually make money. It’s my space that I have control and responsibility over, and one that I am not bound by anyone else. I call it my second, or third baby, and it’s my job to keep it ticking over. Without that, it would still be there, but it wouldn’t be bringing in the rewards that it does today.

I love writing this blog, and I really enjoy the promotion and communication that goes on around it. I know that it’s a vital pillar of my success in the next stage of my career, and I think without it I wouldn’t be where I was today. So that’s why I blog.

I hope you found this a really useful post to read, and I would love to know the reasons why you blog?

Claire x

Why I Write This Blog Of Mine

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