My daughter with her Hatchimal
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The Hatchimals Family is Growing – Will it be a HatchiBoy or a HatchiGirl?

Ta-Da! Wait and see!

It’s a boy!

We are so excited that we have a boy, and my toddler shouted “It’s a boy” when the egg finally cracked open to reveal Ponette.

The eyes are glowing and the egg is hatching

The egg is hatching

There are two new HatchiBabies from Hatchimals: Ponette and Cheetree, and the egg could either hatch a Hatchiboy or a Hatchigirl. What’s really exciting is that you won’t know this until the HatchiBaby has hatched, which makes it really exciting for you and your child. If like us you’ve never had a Hatchimal before here’s what happens.

Take the white speckled out of the packaging and pull the pins. From this moment on the HatchiBaby will be trying to hatch. You will see cracks of different coloured lights appearing on the sides of the egg, and these will gradually get bigger the more that you encourage the egg to hatch. It will also rock side to side, and back and forth. Talk to the egg, and it might talk back. Tap the egg and it might tap back. My daughter and I really encouraged the egg, and we were very excited when it shone its rainbow eyes through the shell and it actually hatched, then our HatchiBoy was born.

Since Ponette has arrived my daughter has loved playing with him. She takes him to bed with her and loves his purple, yellow or green eyes casting shadows on her wall. She loves to cuddle him, stroke him, sing to him, and it’s lovely to see an interaction back from the HatchiBaby.

Ponette: The HatchiBoy with the accessories

All the HatchiBabies come with four accessories that our HatchiBoy responds to us using. We can comb his hair which seems to be my daughter’s favourite activity (I wish she liked having her own hair brushed – maybe this will encourage her). We can offer him a feed from a spoon, and his mouth opens and closes. It also comes with a small duck accessory, and we are still figuring out what this one does. All Hatchimals have little tricks up their sleeves, and I hope that we figure out this trick soon.

My daughter playing with her Hatchimal

My daughter about to brush its hair

My daughter and her Hatchimal

We are totally in love with our Hatchimal and it would make a brilliant present for a child for either an upcoming birthday or Christmas present. Children will love to see the egg hatch and to see whether they have a boy or a girl – just as much as my daughter loved it.

The new HatchiBabies are available to buy NOW at Smyths, the Entertainer, Argos, Amazon and all good retailers.

Will you love the HatchBabies just as much as we do? And would you love a boy or a girl?

Claire x

This is a collaborative post with Hatchimals and Spinmaster, thank you so much to Spinmaster for providing us with a Hatchimal to review. All opinions and imagery are my own. 

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