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[GIFTED] Review: Why we love our balance bike from Micro Scooters

We were gifted this balance bike and accessories from Micro Scooters for the purpose of this review.

We have always been a fan of balance bikes in our house, they were loved by my daughter when she was younger and they still are at the age of four. One of the things that we love about them is that they definitely helped to improve her confidence when we were out and about, and I found that it was great opportunity for her to burn off some energy rather than being cooped up in the buggy.

Now that my son is nearly 18 months old I am determined to get him onto a balance bike as soon as possible. He’s been walking for about six months now and I am sure that he will take to it fairly quickly, as he’s pretty active, far more active than my daughter. So I can’t wait to get him onto the brand new Micro 2in1 balance bike from Micro Scooters, that we have very kindly been gifted along with some accessories for the purpose of this review.

A close up of the 2in1 balance bike

At the moment he’s still a little too small, although I am hopeful that he can use it in a month or two. But in the meantime I wanted to share the new balance bike with you, as I can already see that they are pretty special.

The first thing that grabbed me about the bike was just how light weight it is. Micro Scooter says it is the most light weight balance bike on the market and I must say that I agree with them. It weights 2.45kg, the equivalent of about two bags of flour. On receiving the box I honestly thought that there couldn’t be a bike in there because it was so light. I can lift it really easily with one hand and I would have no problem carrying it home whilst also pushing a buggy (if I had to).

The other plus point about the bike is you can change the back wheel to a stability wheel. This will be absolutely brilliant for my son whilst he is learning the ropes and learning how to balance. The bike comes ready made with its normal wheel, but it is really easy to switch this to the stability wheel using the allen key supplied.

A close up of the rear wheel

There were loads of other really lovely features including the adjustable handlebars and seat, the ease of getting the bike set up once you have taken it out of its box, and the fact that the wheels are punctureless. All of these points make the bike really easy to use and great for a young child.

A close up of the 2in1 balance bike

A close up of the handlebars


A top down view of the bike seat

Now I just need to get my son onto the bike and I’ll share an updated blog post with a full review showing you how we get on with it. For anyone thinking about a Christmas present or getting a balance bike, I would definitely recommend you take a look at this one from Micro Scooters.

The balance bike is available to buy in either Aqua, Blue or Pink on the Micro Scooters website and currently retails (on 14th November 2019) at £99.95. We have the balance bike in blue.

The items that we have been gifted for this review include…

Blue Micro 2in1 Balance Bike

Micro Classic Retro Rocket Helmet

Retro Rocket Patterned Bell

Micro Light Neon Blue

Claire x

Why we love our balance bike from Micro Scooters



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